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LoveQuiltsUK - Ethan T's quilt

Ethan T's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Born:January 2009
Illness: Type 1 Diabetic

Theme: Wizards and Dragons

Date opened: 19th Apr 2017
Date closed: 20th Apr 2017
Deadline: 31st Aug 2017

Photo of Ethan T

Child Interests

Favourite colour blue
Interests are:
Martial Arts


Ethan was a healthy 7lb 8oz baby on 7th January 2009. He hit all his milestones well, walking at 9 months and potty trained before he was 3. In December 2012 Ethan had chicken pox. He seemed to take several weeks to get over it, we assumed it was just a bad case. In March 2013 Ethan had Scarletina. He lost his appetite fully for 2 weeks but still drank. We noticed after 3 weeks that he still didn't have much of an appetite but he had started waking at night to have a drink. By week 5 Ethan started to wet the bed. We phoned the doctors but they didn't seem worried and just gave us a routine appointment for a week later. My husband was not happy with this as my father in law is Type 1 diabetic too. We phoned the doctor back and got an emergency appointment for that day.

The doctor did a blood test which was high, we were sent to Wrexham Hospital straight away. After lots of blood tests it was sadly confirmed that Ethan was in fact type 1 diabetic. He was very brave through the whole process, never crying just asking lots of questions.

We were in hospital for 4 days to learn about blood tests, carb counting and giving him daily insulin injections...a minimum of 4 per day. Ethan is now 8 and deals with it all so well...his levels are up and down at times through change of weather, emotion and just routine. He has recently been diagnosed with suffering with migraines too. Through everything he is our little hero.


1.Mr Thor Days of Yore Dragon Cross stitch WondersStitcher: Heather, Littleborough, England

2.Frame craft Dragons, set 97, will combine "Key Master" with "Little and Large" to create picture. Two larger dragons and one small one, looks like a familyStitcher: Jessica, Cambridge, ON, Canada
In Progress

3.A blue dragon sitting on a rock. Taken from eaglemoss publications 2003 part works .Stitcher: Julie, Portgordon, Scotland
In Progress

4.Days of yore dragon Mr BaxterStitcher: Leanda Vickers, Oldham , England

5.Wiz on page 78 and a dragon p80 Wizards and dragonsStitcher: Linda, Smart, UK
In Progress

6.Joan Elliott's Stitcher's Diary 2013 A wizard in blue and purpleStitcher: Sue Torode, Farnborough, UK
In Progress

7.Tempest the dragon in a tea cupStitcher: Jill Smith, Taunton, England
In Progress

8.Harry Potter point de crois by mango pratique Harry Potter on broomstick catching a snitchStitcher: C McDonald, Altrincham, UK
In Progress

9.Magical cross stitch designs Hocus Pocus 4 wizardsStitcher: Jan , Hull, UK

10.Cute Dragon sitting looking at you in blue and green Stitcher: Valerie Jacoby, Peterborough, UK
In Progress

11.Cross stitch book Wizard Stitcher: Monika, Letchworth GC, UK
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Seren Senior, Derby, UK
In Progress

Squares received

Cross stitch square for Ethan T's quilt
Stitched by: Heather
Submitted: May 2017

Cross stitch square for Ethan T's quilt
Stitched by: Leanda Vickers
Submitted: May 2017

Cross stitch square for Ethan T's quilt
Stitched by: Jan
Submitted: May 2017


Fabric for Ethan T
Fabric for Ethan T


Card for Ethan T
Stitched by: Leanne Malcolmson

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