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LoveQuiltsUK - Romilly's quilt

Romilly's quilt    (Quilt Open)

Born:January 2005
Illness: Cerebral palsy. Epilepsy

Theme: Hearts and Butterflies (Blue)

Date opened: 22nd Apr 2017
Deadline: 30th Aug 2017

Photo of Romilly

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Theme details

Hearts and Butterflies (Blue) - Different shades of blue are fine

Child Interests

Music (chart).



Romilly suffered brain damage at birth and was not expected to survive but she is a real fighter. Every day is a struggle for her but she is a determined little bunny and stubborn and always makes me proud.

She has no physical ability and has to deal with seizures every day but always tries hard to achieve what she can. She has no speech or easily understandable communication unless you know her well but still manages to get what she wants!

Patterns (0 stitchers needed)

1. Awaiting approval:
Michaela Learner, freebies chart Monochrome butterfly
Stitcher: Rosemary Binnie, Macclesfield, UK

2. Awaiting approval:
Daily cross stitch Stripped heart.
Stitcher: Miss Debbie Elkington, Boston, Lincs, UK

3. Awaiting approval:
Climbing Goats (pink) butterfly Butterfly in shades of blue
Stitcher: Eileen, Newcastle, UK

4. Awaiting approval: Stitch alley heart sampler in blue
Stitcher: Nicola, St Albans, UK

5. Awaiting approval:
Brushstroke butterfly in blues
Stitcher: Moira Anne Jeffcoat, Birmingham, England

6. Awaiting approval:
Hearts from Modern Cross stitch by Hannah Sturrock Page 110 Border from Picture it in cross stitch by Jo Verso page 18 Outline heart shape made from small hearts with blue butterfly in the centre.Border of butterflies and flowers
Stitcher: Shirley, Ipswich, UK

7. Awaiting approval:
Two tone blue Celtic heart.
Stitcher: Ros, Norfolk, UK

8. Awaiting approval:
Cross stitch craze Selection of small hearts
Stitcher: Ann Woods, Crimplesham, England

9. Awaiting approval:
Cross stitcher magazine issue 251 Fluttering butterflies (will change colours to blue)
Stitcher: Roberta H, King's Lynn, England

10. Awaiting approval:
One of the butterflies from spread you wings quilt from the world of cross stitching mag. Issue 253 A blue butterfly. Will add some hearts
Stitcher: Leanne Malcolmson, Romsey, UK

11. Awaiting approval:
Lilac Butterfly from Etsy, I'll change it to blue
Stitcher: Kay, Doncaster, UK

12.Awaiting approval: Label Stitcher: Elaine Dixon, Athens, Greece

Squares received

None yet. (Quilt opened on 22nd Apr 2017)

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