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LoveQuiltsUK - Jack M's quilt

Jack M's quilt   (Quilt Coming Soon)

Born:May 2009
Illness: Deaf

Theme: Superheroes

Quilt will open soon, keep checking back!
Photo of Jack M

Child Interests

Jack loves the colour blue he love his superheroes eg superman, Spider-Man, ironman, batman. He loves his iPad and he loves music as well.


Jack was born 3 weeks early, he was a quiet baby.

He hardly moved, at around 4 months I notice that something wasn't right and I mentioned it to the health visitor. By seven months he could not sit up or hold his head, physio got involved to help him sit up. He was over 1 years old by the time we got him to sit, but he couldn't hold his head so more physio was needed.

When he started to crawl he use drag his head on the floor because he couldn't lift his head. Jack does still lean to the left with his head. He had a flatness on the right hand side of his head. Then we noticed he wasn't responding to us, we though he was being ignorant, then the portage team put him in for a hearing test and we've found out that he was completely deaf in right ear, and moderate to severe in his left ear. His speech is so limited we do try to communicate with makaton and pecs (picture exchange system).

He has no sense of danger, he doesn't sleep very well - he's on medication for his sleep. We thought with his behaviour was to do with frustration but his was digonosed with ADHD and that is challenging with Jack. He has low muscle tone, and then we got told he has hypomobilaty (severely double jointed). He has a buggy/wheel chair, his muscles get really tired and very unbalanced and last year we found out that Jack has something wrong with his bladder.

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