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LoveQuiltsUK - Poppy I's quilt

Poppy I's quilt   (Quilt Coming Soon)

Born:February 2000
Illness: 22q 11 deletion / Di George syndrome

Theme: Harry Potter

Quilt will open soon, keep checking back!
Photo of Poppy I

Theme details

Harry Potter - A poppy on the label if possible

Child Interests

Poppys main interest is hee computer . She plays minecraft and watched Harry potter, fantastic beasts . She likes all the actors especially Eddie Redmayne and Johnny Depp. Poppy loves the colour purple and blue . She like soft feeling material fluffy and smooth .
Poppy also likes the flowers Poppy and Daisy .


After a very healthy pregnancy. Our long awaited five child was on its way . Poppy was born a healthy 7 lb 6oz. After a few minor complications. Poppy was here . A beautiful baby girl .Poppy very soon was diagnosed with congentially dislocation of both hips. She was put into a cast at 5 weeks old . Failure to thrive became the next issue, with countless admissions to hospital, it was decided to scan Poppy to find the reasons for this . Poppy was diagnosed with congenital heart problems and soiltary kidney.Due the the number of medical issues Poppy was having medical professionals carried out chromosome testing .In August 2000 Poppy was diagnosed with 22q11 deletion or Di George syndrome .
This deletion umbrellad many issues . Poppy had a feeding tube inserted into her stomach. She also was diagnosed with scoliosis glue ear which she had hearing aids . She has had two palette surgeries to improve speech And feeding.
Poppy suffered from intense joint pain of which she has had many steroid injections.
As Poppys education started she attended special needs schools from the age of 3 till 16 .As Poppy matured it was very evident that Poppy struggled socially she was very introverted and became verbally mute outside of the home .
Poppy underwent many mental health reviews and was then diagnosed with Autism and was medicated at 12 for depression and other mental health issues .At 14 years old, Poppy had a breakdown and was hosptialised at Great Ormond street hospital for 4 weeks. This was very difficult for Poppy and her siblings .
Poppy is now 17 and attends a educational provision that caters for students with learning disabilities and mental health issues . Poppy struggles everyday to attend as Poppy was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.Her extreme anxiety makes social situations very hard and on many occasions impossible Shes our little fighter . Everyday is a challenge Poppy is our inspiration. She continues to amaze us everyday. Poppy is kind and beautiful inside and out .

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