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LoveQuiltsUK - Theo W's quilt

Theo W's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Illness: Cystic fibrosis

Theme: Superheroes

Date opened: 12th Jun 2019
Date closed: 3rd Jul 2019
Deadline: 26th Oct 2019

Photo of Theo W


Theo was our special arrival weighing 6lb 7oz and had the biggest blue eyes. From getting him home we knew something wasn't right. He suffered with his tummy all through the day and night, his weight dropped drastically and he was very unsettled. Then I received a call from the health visitor, something had shown on his heel prick. I Googled the heel prick and knew instantly that my baby was suffering from cystic fibrosis from all his symptoms.
After many tests it was confirmed my special little boy was perfect on the outside but was very poorly on the inside. He was given lots of medication including daily antibiotics and creon before he had a bottle. I was taught how to give Theo daily physio to keep his lungs free of mucus. Over the years Theo's needed extra antibiotics, procedures and hospital stays to manage his illness and keep his lungs as healthy as possible. Each time Theo smiles his way through.
Although Theo already had a cystic fibrosis diagnosis I knew something else wasn't right. He didnt clap or wave and didn't like much adult contact unless it was on his terms. He would prefer to sit away from his peers in nursery and would become obsessed with certain things such as spinning and wheels. Theo was then diagnosed with autism in 2017. Theo struggles day to day with both his autism and cystic fibrosis, often unable to share his feelings when he's anxious or worried about something. Theo always wears a huge smile and has an even bigger character which keeps us both positive.


1.Green Lantern logo - Grazyna, Kramsk, Poland Stitcher: Comfort Pillow Group, Poland
In Progress

2.Captain America Logo - Nusia, Srem, Poland Stitcher: Comfort Pillow Group, Poland
In Progress

3.The Flash Logo - Ela Gniew, POland Stitcher: Comfort Pillow Group, Poland
In Progress

4.LQ Files designed by Nik The HulkStitcher: Sandra, Shefford, England

5.From files by Beth Filmer Captain America Close UpStitcher: Donna Sharpe, Chesterfield, UK
In Progress

6.Own Design Batman Close UpStitcher: EE(Beth)Filmer, Adelaide, Australia
In Progress

7.DC COMICS Leaflet 2979 Page 5 Superman flyingStitcher: Linda Cropper, Atherstone, England
In Progress

8.Incredibles family oval from files (photo on Facebook group in last few days)Stitcher: Ilana, Oxford, UK
In Progress

9.Thor close up from LQUK files Stitcher: Rebecca, Nantwich, UK
In Progress

10.I AM GROOT from files Stitcher: Roisin, Amersham, England
In Progress

11.Stitcher: Mark Grogan, Oldham , UK

12.Label Stitcher: Mark & Alison, Oldham, UK
In Progress

Squares received

Cross stitch square for Theo W's quilt
Stitched by: Sandra
Submitted: Jun 2019

Cross stitch square for Theo W's quilt
Stitched by: Mark Grogan
Submitted: Jul 2019


Card for Theo W
Stitched by: Linda Cropper

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