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LoveQuiltsUK - Tom B's quilt

Tom B's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Illness: Quadriplegic Spastic Cerebral Palsy

Theme: Harry Potter

Date opened: 4th Sep 2019
Date closed: 8th Sep 2019
Deadline: 26th Jan 2020

Photo of Tom B

Theme details

Harry Potter - Muppets on the label if possible - especially Animal.

Child Interests

Tom absolutely loves The Muppets - they make him laugh and he loves the fact that they all have differences but they all love each other! He loves all the Muppets equally but his favourite is Animal and Kermit.
He also loves Mario, Power Rangers, He-Man, Danger Mouse and Harry Potter. His favourite colour is blue.


Tom was born (along with his twin sister Iris) 2 months early after mum developed pre-eclampsia. Tom and Iris spent 5 weeks in an intensive care baby unit and another 2 weeks in special care before being well enough to come home. He was initially deemed fit and well on discharge but soon showed signs of things not being right. After a horribly worrying first year Tom was eventually diagnosed with a hypoxic brain injury called periventricular leukomalacia, which in turn caused cerebral palsy affecting his whole body.

Tom is an amazing boy - fully able to speak and having us in stitches most of the time! He is unable to stand, walk, sit, crawl or feed himself unaided and developed epilepsy in his first few years which is well controlled with medication. He is an absolute pleasure - funny, inquisitive, bossy, clever - just trapped in a body that doesn’t do what he wants it to. He has a twin sister who is his best friend and who loves him hugely. He also has an 11 year old sister Molly. He goes to a specialist school for kids with cerebral palsy and is getting on well and learning slowly but surely both academically and physically.


1.Stitcher: Elaina, Sutton Coldfield, England

2.Hogwarts Crest from LQ FilesStitcher: Erica Turner, Penarth, Wales
In Progress

3.Mischief managed LQ filesStitcher: Julie Robbins, Bromsgrove , UK
In Progress

4.Old Quick and Easy Cross Stitch Magazine Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter - young versionStitcher: Nicola, St Albans, UK
In Progress

5.Mango pratique Harry Potter point de croix Harry Potter chasing the golden snitchStitcher: C McDonald, Altrincham, UK
In Progress

6.Own design on LQ site for LQ use only Ravenclaw sorting hatStitcher: Kaz Bowen, Wakefield, UK
In Progress

7.LQ files Harry Potter Slytherin sorting hat from LQ filesStitcher: Jackie Billington, Birmingham , UK
In Progress

8.From LQ files by Deborah Platform 9 3/4 Stitcher: Lyn , Doncaster, UK
In Progress

9.LQ files Hufflepuff Sorting HatStitcher: Julie, Anglesey, Wales
In Progress

10.Gryffindor pattern from files with Sorting HatStitcher: Kelli, Neath, Wales
In Progress

11.Merete Jelsbak Langseth design from LQ files The Golden TrioStitcher: Jill Smith, Taunton, England
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Sandra, Shefford, England
In Progress

Squares received

Cross stitch square for Tom B's quilt
Stitched by: Elaina
Submitted: Aug 2019

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