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LoveQuiltsUK - Mailing and contact details

Mailing and Contact Details

Our email address is:

Mailing Squares:

Now that the UK is coming out of lockdown, we are starting to take squares and cards again. Please read the following carefully.

  • We would prefer you to use online postage where possible and post packages directly into a post box to avoid social contact. Full instructions here: Using online post

  • If you are going to the post office in person, please protect yourself by going at quiet times and wearing a mask/face covering.

  • If you are shielding, self-isolating or in a high-risk group, please do not go to the post office under any circumstances. Contact Gaynor on to discuss.

    We have a large volume of squares coming in following our lockdown pause.

    Please remember to include a note saying which child your square(s) is for (full name eg "Jack C" rather than "Jack"). Also, please include your own name on your note as it appears on our website eg "Sarah, Cardiff, UK". This will speed up the uploading process for Kat.

    To help with the process of getting things back on track, it would be helpful if you could send sign-up squares to Kat and Any Child Squares to Gaynor as a one-off. This is a temporary measure until we have the backlog of squares in. If you have a mixture of square types and would rather just send one package, please send everything to Kat :)

    It is really helpful if you could wash and dry your square before sending it in - this can be done in the sink with some washing up liquid, or in the washing machine on a cool wash (put your square inside a pillowcase to protect it).

    Signed up squares and cards to:

    Katherine Pocklington
    90 Mill Drove
    PE10 9BZ
    Any Child Squares to:

    Gaynor Thomas
    26 Oakwood Drive
    SA4 3DJ

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