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LoveQuiltsUK - Online Postage

Online Postage

Due to social distancing for COVID19, we encourage our stitchers to use online postage to send their squares in. This means that you weigh your package at home using kitchen scales, pay for and print out the postage online, then put it straight into a postbox :)

Instructions for online post

1. Parcel up your squares, cards etc.

2. If you have Any Child squares, as a one-off, please send them to Gaynor. If you have sign-up squares/cards, send them to Kat. If you have a mixture, it's fine to send them all to Kat - it doesn't matter if some go to her.

3. Weigh the parcel on your digital scales (don't forget to zero them first!)

4. The link for online post is:

Please make sure you choose at least "Large Letter" - and this is only if your parcel is up to 2.5cm thick. If it is thicker, please choose "Small Parcel". Do not choose normal letter! Not only will LQ get a charge from the post service, they can get stuck/ripped in the sorting machine! (Not what we want for squares!)

5. Follow instructions on website and pay for post.

6. Print out the postage and stick on your parcel - avoid putting sellotape over the code.

7. Post straight into a post box.

Address are:

Katherine Pocklington, 90 Mill Drove, Bourne, Lincs PE10 9BZ

Gaynor Thomas, 26 Oakwood Drive, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3DJ

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