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Squares by Emma Swift, Aberdeen UK

Squares in progress:

1. Unicorn head with muliti-coloured mane and flowers for Amelia B (Deadline: 26 May 2019)
2. London red bus on Union Jack background for Reggie A (Deadline: 26 May 2019)
3. Baby Minnie Mouse holding a doll for Esmae L (Deadline: 26 Jun 2019)
4. Multi-coloured splash of paint (red, yellow, blue and orange) for Noah E (Deadline: 26 Jun 2019)
5. Purple and orange hot air calling flying over mountain scene for Kian L (Deadline: 26 Jun 2019)

For Sameer A
(Theme: Sealife)
Submitted: Jan 2019

For Hago B
(Theme: Trains, especially Thomas the Tank)
Submitted: Jan 2019

For Paris N
(Theme: Fairies and Roses)
Submitted: Jan 2019

For Ameeliah G
(Theme: Hearts, Unicorns and Hello Kitty)
Submitted: Jan 2019

For Scarlett S
(Theme: Princesses)
Submitted: Jan 2019

For Neve J
(Theme: Hearts, Butterflies and Birds)
Submitted: Nov 2018

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Quilts featuring Emma Swift's squares

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