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Squares by Diana, Sussex UK

Squares in progress:

1. Paint splatter football. for Cooper R (Deadline: 26 Nov 2019)
2. Green tractor and hens but will leave out the hens. for Aniello D (Deadline: 26 Dec 2019)
3. Ambulance. for William C (Deadline: 30 Dec 2019)
4. Football star. Silhouette of footballer kicking a ball framed by a star. Will sew the star in red for Liverpool. for Stefan B (Deadline: 30 Dec 2019)

For Ella R
(Theme: Fairies/butterflies/rainbows)
Submitted: Aug 2019

For Daisy C
(Theme: Squirrels, bunnies, tabby cats and robins)
Submitted: Aug 2019

For Jaxon G
(Theme: Vehicles)
Submitted: Aug 2019

For Adam C
(Theme: Dragons and Dinosaurs)
Submitted: Jul 2019

For Matilda S
(Theme: Enchanted World)
Submitted: Jul 2019

For Ali N
(Theme: Sea life)
Submitted: Jul 2019

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Quilts featuring Diana's squares

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