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Squares by Ann, Billericay UK

Squares in progress:

1. Octopus, dolphin and other sea creatures with words \"Under The Sea\" for Reuben S (Deadline: 26 Aug 2019)
2. Mr Potato Head for Jacob C (Deadline: 26 Sep 2019)
3. Owl on branch for Nathan W (Deadline: 26 Sep 2019)
4. Cow and pig with words “cows go moo” and “pigs go oink” for Mabel E (Deadline: 26 Sep 2019)

For Anabelle C
(Theme: Butterflies and Owls)
Submitted: Apr 2019

For Scarlett C
(Theme: Animals)
Submitted: Apr 2019

For Shaira S
(Theme: Rabbits)
Submitted: Apr 2019

For Logan C
(Theme: Specific characters)
Submitted: Apr 2019

For Any child
(Category: Vehicles)
Submitted: Apr 2019

For Reuben B
(Theme: Trains)
Submitted: Feb 2019

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Quilts featuring Ann's squares

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