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Squares by Ruth Horn, Co Durham GB

Squares in progress:

1. Dalmatian puppy man’s best friend by Cecil Aldin for Katie D (Deadline: 26 Jul 2019)
2. Large football in foreground with smaller footballer in background for Bobby M (Deadline: 26 Jul 2019)
3. Slinky dog from LQ files for Bee F (Deadline: 26 Jul 2019)
4. Crab multi coloured for Reuben S (Deadline: 26 Aug 2019)
5. George the steam roller from Thomas the Tank engine friend for Harrison H (Deadline: 26 Aug 2019)

For Sophie F
(Theme: Harry Potter)
Submitted: Apr 2019

For Reuben B
(Theme: Trains)
Submitted: Apr 2019

For Noah E
(Theme: Creative/art items)
Submitted: Apr 2019

For Oliver W
(Theme: Thomas the tank, Ten Pin bowling and Aeroplanes)
Submitted: Feb 2019

For Matthew F
(Theme: Football)
Submitted: Feb 2019

For Ameeliah G
(Theme: Hearts, Unicorns and Hello Kitty)
Submitted: Feb 2019

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Quilts featuring Ruth Horn's squares

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