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LoveQuiltsUK - Saoirse's quilt

Saoirse's quilt   (Quilt Coming Soon)

Illness: Hypoplastic right heart syndrome, pulmonary atresia, intact ventricular septum

Theme: Dogs and puppies

Quilt will open soon, keep checking back!
Photo of Saoirse

Theme details

Dogs and puppies - Some hearts on the label would be nice

Child Interests

Saoirse's favourite colour is blue.

Her favourite animal on the planet is dogs, all dogs, she loves to play with dogs & pretends that she is a dog regularly. She has a black & white cockapoo at home. The first question she asks drs & nurses is 'do you have a dog?' then she asks to see photos of them.

She loves to learn about animals & visit the animals at the zoo especially the koalas, lions & tigers, giraffes & penguins.

Because of her heart condition we love love hearts & have lots of things in love heart pattern.


Saoirse is our heart warrior princess. She is 4, nearly 5 years old. She fights to live & loves life.

She was born with half a heart & has spent a lot of time in hospital. She has had 4 open heart surgeries (none of them went smoothly) & 6 other heart operations. There are no more heart operations they can do to improve her life, her only other option will be heart transplant but at the moment her heart is stable, although no one knows how long it will be stable for.

Because she has half a heart her body struggles every day. She gets out of breath, lacks in energy & struggles to fight off bugs & viruses. She needs regular rests & naps. We try to keep life as normal as possible for Saoirse & her brother & sister & try to help her live her best life, but obviously it is not always possible.

She always has a big smile on her face & doesn't let her struggles get her down for long. She is our wee hero.

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