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LoveQuiltsUK - Lewis C's quilt

Lewis C's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Illness: Autism, asd.

Theme: Polar Bears and selected vehicles

Date opened: 25th Sep 2021
Date closed: 2nd Oct 2021
Deadline: 26th Jan 2022

Photo of Lewis C

Theme details

Polar Bears and selected vehicles - Polar bears, the Arctic, supercars, Formula 1 and aircraft especially military.

Child Interests

Lewis loves Blackpool Football Club, gaming on his PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and a pc and laptop. Polar bears, the Arctic, supercars, Formula 1 and aircraft especially military.
His favourite colour is orange.


Lewis was born by emergency c section, met normal baby milestones, except when Lewis couldn't say a few words. Lewis had speech therapy before and during nursery where Lewis used Makaton & sign to communicate his needs. Lewis went onto have intense speech therapy and said his first words at 7, Lewis is very self conscious of the sounds and tones he uses when speaking and that he has a lisp. Lewis struggles greatly with communication, social interaction and making friends.

Lewis loves to go to school to learn but holidays from school he struggles as the routine has changed. Routine is very important. Lewis struggles with meltdowns and finds that they physically and emotionally have an impact on him, leaving him exhausted.

Lewis wasn't diagnosed until 2019 so has had to find his own coping mechanisms which are often unconventional to others but as a family we are trying to help and support Lewis.

In 2019 Lewis's dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, this has had a devastating effect on Lewis and the struggles he feels, as his dad was the biggest influencer and who helped calm Lewis when having a meltdown. Lewis lost his dad just before Christmas 2020 and since then Lewis has struggled to with how he feels emotionally resulting in more frequent meltdowns daily. Lewis has started to work alongside a worker to try and help show new ways to try and manage when he feels he is going to have a big meltdown.

Lewis is a lovely natured boy who could tell you everything there is to know about computers, polar bears and the Arctic and loves to watch documentaries to make sure he knows it all. He also loves to bake as he finds that helps to relax him if he's feeling overwhelmed.


1.Thea Governour design from an old New Stitches magazine F1 carStitcher: Heather, Littleborough, England
In Progress

2.Dmc safari book 3 polar bearsStitcher: Gemma Boreham, Suffolk, UK

3.Cross stitch crazy 198 Polar Bear hugging penguin on an icebergStitcher: Kaz Bowen, Wakefield, UK
In Progress

4.Endangered Younguns by Gloria and Pat Polar bearsStitcher: Jan G, Hull, UK

5.Etsy Awesome Pattern Studio Arctic LandscapeStitcher: Kerry, Aldershot, UK
In Progress

6.By Beth Filmer Avro Vulcan (Military Plane)Stitcher: EE(Beth)Filmer, Adelaide, Australia
In Progress

7.Red sports ferarri Stitcher: Nicola, Elland, UK
In Progress

8.From Jayne Netley Mayhew's Animal collection book. Polar bear and cubStitcher: Heather C, London, UK
In Progress

9.Bu Beth Filmer Eurofighter Typhoon Stitcher: EE(Beth)Filmer, Adelaide, Australia
In Progress

10.FA-18 Realistic Plane by Beth Filmer LQ FilesStitcher: Pippa, Surrey, UK
In Progress

11.Climbing goat designs Etsy Polar Bear Silhouette with northern lightsStitcher: Lauren Tandy, Havant, UK
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Marie, Yeovil, UK
In Progress

Squares received

Cross stitch square for Lewis C's quilt
Stitched by: Gemma Boreham
Submitted: Oct 2021

Cross stitch square for Lewis C's quilt
Stitched by: Jan G
Submitted: Oct 2021

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