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LoveQuiltsUK - Scott A's quilt

Scott A's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Illness: VSD, sensory processing disorder, autism and adhd.

Theme: Mickey Mouse

Date opened: 8th Oct 2022
Date closed: 16th Oct 2022
Deadline: 26th Feb 2023

Photo of Scott A

Theme details

Mickey Mouse - A few squares with Mickey and Minnie is fine. Spiderman on the label please

Child Interests

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Elsa, Frozen, Spiderman.
Favourite colours would be red, yellow or blue.


Scott is my 3rd heart child. After he started nursery they picked up on his autism traits and spd, he was then referred for adhd. Since starting school the SENCO has been amazing with Scott. She’s put in place Lego therapy for him, weighted blankets, fidget toys, ear defenders and a strict routine for him to be able to cope with the everyday task of main stream primary school. We are also in the process of an EHCP application for him for his heart & additional needs.

His heart was undiagnosed until a year ago when he was blue lighted to our local hospital after not being able to breathe and requiring oxygen to keep his saturation levels up. After being referred for a heart check his VSD was found. At the moment they aren’t wanting to operate which, hopefully, they won’t and it should close on its own!


1.Disney stitches magazine issue 1 Mickey mouse head with green stripes heart background Stitcher: Jenny Elkington, Boston, UK
In Progress

2.Disney Cross Stitch Magazine issue 1 Mickey Mouse walking silhouette with a heart behind him. Stitcher: Janet T, South Wales, UK
In Progress

3.Mickey and minnie dressed as Prince charming and snow whiteStitcher: Sylvia, Clacton, England

4.Disney a punto croce no. 90 Mickey playing guitarStitcher: Emma T, Copenhagen, Denmark
In Progress

5.‘Road trip’ Disney Cross Stitch issue 100 Mickey, Donald and Goofy in a red campervan.Stitcher: Seren Senior, Derby, UK
In Progress

6.2 charts from “All the Gang’s Here” book. Leisure Arts xstitch Mickey giving Minnie a bunch of flowersStitcher: Ann, Billericay, UK
In Progress

7.Disney a punto croce magazine Mickey football player (doing a bicycle kick)Stitcher: Maria, Torino, Italy
In Progress

8.Happy sitting Mickey from Disney cross stitch trio kitStitcher: Anne Hanley, Edinburgh, Scotland
In Progress

9.LoveQuiltsUK Facebook Files Micky Mouse yawning and holding a candle Stitcher: Kate, Worcester, UK
In Progress

10.LQ files Mickey & FriendsStitcher: Helen, Swindon, UK
In Progress

11.Leisure Arts Mickey - Whistle a happy tune.Stitcher: Leanda Vickers, Oldham , England

12.Label Stitcher: Jodie Balaam, Lawshall, England

Squares received

Cross stitch square for Scott A's quilt
Stitched by: Jodie Balaam
Submitted: Nov 2022

Cross stitch square for Scott A's quilt
Stitched by: Sylvia
Submitted: Nov 2022

Cross stitch square for Scott A's quilt
Stitched by: Leanda Vickers
Submitted: Nov 2022


Card for Scott A
Stitched by: Rebecca Ellen Golding

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