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LoveQuiltsUK - Maisie M's quilt

Maisie M's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Illness: Pyruvate kinase deficiency, blood transfusion dependent, no spleen, iron overload.

Theme: Enchanted World

Date opened: 30th Oct 2022
Date closed: 30th Oct 2022
Deadline: 26th Feb 2023

Photo of Maisie M

Child Interests

Maisie is 14 now and loves make up and fashion.
Her favourite colours are pink and rose gold.


Maisie was ventilated at birth. She received 3 blood transfusions in her first day of life, her jaundice levels were 700 (usually 45). Maisie continued to receive blood transfusions every 3 weeks due to her haemoglobin dropping drastically.

Maisie has many operations including a Hickman line and Portercath inserted into her chest and 2 bone marrow aspirations. Maisie has had a total of 150 blood transfusions to date. She has also had her spleen and gall bladder removed.

Maisie is the 40th person in the UK to be diagnosed with pyruvate kinase deficiency. The illness is so rare that it took doctors 14 months to find a diagnosis.


1.Baby sleeping golden dragon by Alexandra fromEtsyStitcher: Pru, Les Adjots, France

2.Gemma Harris design from LQ files. Toy unicorn.Stitcher: Miss Debbie Elkington, Boston, Lincs, UK

3.Climbing goat designs Unicorn Heart (pink unicorn with multi coloured mane)Stitcher: Julie, Anglesey, Wales
In Progress

4.Mermaid pattern Stitcher: Gemma Boreham, Suffolk, UK

5.Teresa Wentzler of T W Designworks Spellcaster on the left of chart Stitcher: Jan G, Hull, UK
In Progress

6.CrossStitchPaterns from Etsy. Mermaid holding a shell bag.Stitcher: Nicky, Mytchett, UK
In Progress

7.Unicorns with flowersStitcher: Jodi Maple, Niagara Park, Australia
In Progress

8.Agenda Point de Croix 2017 Centaure - mythological creature centaur in woodlandStitcher: Kaz Bowen, Wakefield, UK
In Progress

9.From Magical Cross Stitch book. Will remove background to make pattern fit. Flying pegasusStitcher: Karen Stephenson, Cambridgeshire, UK
In Progress

10.LQ pattern Yellow FairyStitcher: Sue, Cambridge, UK
In Progress

11.Fairy unicorn on Etsy Unicorn head in warm coloursStitcher: Jan S, Enid, Oklahoma, USA
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Anne, Sandefjord, Norway
In Progress

Squares received

Cross stitch square for Maisie M's quilt
Stitched by: Pru
Submitted: Nov 2022

Cross stitch square for Maisie M's quilt
Stitched by: Miss Debbie Elkington
Submitted: Nov 2022

Cross stitch square for Maisie M's quilt
Stitched by: Gemma Boreham
Submitted: Nov 2022


Card for Maisie M
Stitched by: Jan Garton

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