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News 17 Aug 2012 - 18 Aug 2012

Hello everyone. Many of you will have heard this on the Facebook group this afternoon, but I know we have a fair proportion of non-Facebook stitchers, so with Kat's permission I am reposting my message here.

I'm afraid I have some rather bad news to tell you. Yesterday Katherine saw the consultant and has been diagnosed with breast cancer :( We have been worried about a lump for a few weeks, but the news has still come as something of a bolt from the blue.

Kat is feeling a bit better today, but obviously it's a terrible shock and she is currently spending time with her family, particularly her children. She has asked that you not send individual messages of sympathy to her privately (as they "set her off"), but instead to keep the well wishes I'm sure we all share to the Facebook thread :)

Kat will be having an operation next week, followed by a course of chemotherapy starting the first week of September. This means she will be unable to go out to the post office etc. We have had a chat about LQUK at some length and decided that Kat will be having a sabbatical from LQ at least until after Christmas (she will do 6-8 rounds of chemotherapy taking 3 weeks each). Elaine Thomas (my mother) has agreed that squares can be sent to her address (I have put it on our Mailing page) and she will help me with the work of sending out quilt packs. I will be driving to Lincolnshire at some point this week to see Kat and to pick up the half-finish quilt packs and fabric before she starts at the hospital.

I know this is an very big shock to all of us, but I also know that Kat is a strong girl and will come out the other side of this setback with her health sorted out :)

Square News
We have received 13 squares since our last update (yesterday!) Many thanks to all those who stitched them and sent them in.

  • Quilt Squares were received from:

    Bridget, Witney, England (for Talia F)
    Bridget, Witney, England (for Lucy T)
    Hannah , Wirral, UK (for Adam G)
    Jan, Enid, Oklahoma, USA (for Kyan H)
    Jan, Enid, Oklahoma, USA (for Esther L)
    Julie, Anglesey, Wales (for Stitch-a-long: Circles)
    Pascale, Gravesend, Kent, UK (for Leon)
    Pascale, Gravesend, Kent, UK (for Mikey H)
    Pascale, Gravesend, Kent, UK (for Kyan H)
    Pascale, Gravesend, Kent, UK (for Any child)
    Rachael, Newcastle under Lyme, England (for Adam G)
    Rachael, Newcastle under Lyme, England (for Ollie E)

  • Any child squares were received from:

    Gilly, Ellesmore Port, England for the Flowers/Bugs category

    News 21 Jul 2012 - 17 Aug 2012

    Quilt News
    Gaynor has returned from volunteering at the Olympic Games, and here is the LQ News :)

    Six quilts have been delivered over the last month:

    Sarah B's quilt (Fairies and Princesses) - quilted by Mary:

    Photo of Sarah B's quilt

    Jack B's quilt (Male Disney characters and Minnie Mouse) - quilted by Evelyn (No photos received)

    Jake C's quilt (Cartoon/Disney Characters) - quilted by Cathy:

    Photo of Jake C's quilt

    Harry X's quilt (Space (predominantly blue
    for sensory reasons)) - quilted by Helle:

    Photo of Harry X's quilt

    Poppy J's quilt (Disney characters - all) - quilted by Rebecca:

    Photo of Poppy J's quilt

    Charlie H's quilt (Animals) - quilted by Katherine (Emergency Quilt):

    Photo of Charlie H's quilt

    Additionally, two emergency quilts have been completed by Kita (Winnie-the-Pooh and Mr Men):

    Photo of Emergency quilt

    Photo of Emergency quilt

    We thank all the fabulous stitchers and quilters who have made these quilts happen :)

    Quilts opened/closed
    We have decided to put together two further hospice quilts, one for the Keech Hospice (Meadow Quilt) and one for Bluebell Wood's second suite (Primrose Quilt). These quilts are now in progress.

    Square News
    We have received 40 squares! Many thanks to all those who stitched them!

  • Quilt Squares were received from:

    Carol Ayling, Copthorne, UK (for Skye S)
    Carol Ayling, Copthorne, UK (for Stitch-a-long: Circles)
    Chris, Crawley, UK (for Corey E)
    Chris, Crawley, UK (for Aimee B)
    Diana, Bucks, (for Charlie H)
    Glynis, Wales (for Charlie H)
    Heather, Littleborough, England (for Charlie J)
    Heather, Littleborough, England (for Paige V)
    Jill Smith, Taunton, England (for Tyler Lee)
    Jill Smith, Taunton, England (for Charlie J)
    Joanne, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England (for Mia F)
    Joanne, Bathgate, Scotland (for Adam G)
    Joanne, Wigan, UK (for Esther L)
    Julie, Anglesey, Wales (for Skyla C)
    Julie, Anglesey, Wales (for Esther L)
    Katy, Nottingham, UK (for Paige V)
    Kay, Doncaster, Uk (for Charlie J)
    Kay, Doncaster, Uk (for Corey E)
    Kay, Doncaster, Uk (for Cody M)
    Kaye, St Albans, England (for Finley G)
    Kaye, St Albans, England (for Stitch-a-long: Circles)
    Leanda Vickers, Oldham , England (for Logan M)
    Lesleyann Shepherd, Kilmarnock, Scotland (for Aimee B)
    Lesleyann Shepherd, Kilmarnock, Scotland (for Sofia R)
    Nicola, Cardiff, UK (for Any child)
    Poppie Taylor, Solihull, England (for Stitch-a-long: Circles)
    Poppie Taylor, Solihull, England (for Lucy T)
    Poppie Taylor, Solihull, England (for Corey E)
    Seren Senior, Derby, UK (for Cody M)
    Seren Senior, Derby, UK (for Esther L)
    Shirley, Worthing, Sussex, England (for Mia F)
    Sid, Edinburgh, Scotland (for Charlie H)
    Sue Torode, Farnborough, UK (for Paige V)

  • Any child squares were received from:

    Cliftonville Crafters, for the Animals category
    Cliftonville Crafters, for the Angels/Fairies category
    Cliftonville Crafters, for the Fantasy category
    Deb, Clitheroe, UK for the Pictures of Girls category
    Jean, Evesham, for the Dogs and Cats category
    Joanne, Bathgate, Scotland for the Dogs and Cats category
    Seren Senior, Derby, UK for the Cartoons: Non-Disney category

    Thank you all for your financial donations to LQ this summer, it is very much appreciated.

    In Memoriam
    We were sad to hear recently that one of our stitchers, Joyce Hodkinson has passed away. We send our condolences to Joyce's family x

    News 07 Jul 2012 - 21 Jul 2012

    Quilt News
    It has been a busy couple of weeks at LoveQuiltsUK with 5 quilts delivered since our last update!

    Jack R's quilt (Cartoon characters) - quilted by Margaret:

    Photo of Jack R's quilt

    Elizabeth P's quilt (Fairies) - quilted by Carol:

    Photo of Elizabeth P's quilt

    Kyle V's quilt (Sport) - quilted by Anna:

    Photo of Kyle V's quilt

    Sienna S's quilt (Tatty Teddy) - quilted by Victoria:

    Photo of Sienna S's quilt

    We sent an Emergency Quilt out to Aiden D (Green Theme (Emergency Quilt)) - quilted by Rebecca:

    Photo of Aiden D's quilt

    We hope to receive a photo of Aiden with his quilt soon.


  • Jack B's quilt is also complete, but Jack and his family are away at the moment, so it will be posted in early August.

  • Harvey M's quilt (Vehicles) - quilted by Sandra is currently in the post.

  • Helle is very close to completing Harry X's quilt (Space)

  • Cathy will be posting Jack C's quilt shortly.

  • Kita has completed a Mr Man emergency quilt which she is sending to Gaynor in the post shortly.

  • Katherine has completed a Flower Emergency Quilt:

    Photo of Flower quilt

    We thank everyone for their fantastic support with these quilts!

    Forget-Me-Not Quilt Presentation
    Katherine and Gaynor, along with several other parents of quilt recipients, visited Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice on July 12th. They presented the Forget-Me-Not Quilt - quilted by Mary. This quilt is to be used in the Forget-Me-Not bereavement suite. Here are some photos of the day:

    Photo of Forget-Me-Not Quilt's quilt

    Photo of Forget-Me-Not Quilt's quilt

    Thank you to everyone involved with this special quilt :)

    Gaynor's tour of the UK
    Gaynor did a whistle-stop tour of the UK over the last 2 weeks, some of which was on LoveQuiltsUK business:

    Katherine and Gaynor got together at Katherine's house in Lincolnshire to allocate fabric to forthcoming quilts for the next 5-6 months.

    They successfully trashed Katherine's house once again!

    Gaynor also met Magda, a long-time supporter of LQUK, at her home in Glasgow. LQUK had accumulated a fair amount of fabric that was unusable - mostly pillowcases that come with duvets that we purchase for the backs of quilts. Magda is linked with a project in Poland that makes comfort pillows for children and adults, so it was a good fit to pass this fabric on to her. Thank you Magda, and good luck with the project.

    Here is a picture of Gaynor and Magda:

    Gaynor has also been touring the Ponden Mill shops of Northern England taking advantage of their 70% off childrens' duvets sale!

    Square News
    We have received 33 squares! Many thanks to all those who stitched them!

  • Quilt Squares were received from:

    Carol Ayling, Copthorne, UK (for Cody M)
    Charlotte A, Chandlers Ford, UK (for Jamie J)
    Chris, Crawley, UK (for Talia F)
    Elaine, Raby, NSW, Australia (for Mia F)
    Elaine, Raby, NSW, Australia (for Stitch-a-long: Circles)
    Jean, Buckinghamshire, England (for Stitch-a-long: Circles)
    Joanne, Wigan, UK (for Poppy J)
    Joanne, Wigan, UK (for Talia F)
    Joanne, Wigan, UK (for Stitch-a-long: Circles)
    Julie, Anglesey, Wales (for Leon)
    Kate, Leics, UK (for Matthew W)
    Kate, Leics, UK (for Lucy T)
    Lesleyann Shepherd, Kilmarnock, Scotland (for Kieran M)
    Lesleyann Shepherd, Kilmarnock, Scotland (for Theo H)
    Mariann, USA (for Tyler Lee)
    Mariann, USA (for Theo H)
    Mary, IL, USA (for Emergency Quilt: Disney)
    Michele, Derby, Connecticut , USA (for Stitch-a-long: Circles)
    Michele, Derby, Connecticut , USA (for Jack P)
    Michele, Derby, Connecticut , USA (for Cody M)
    Michele, Derby, Connecticut , USA (for Cody M)
    Miss Debbie Elkington, Boston, Lincs, UK (for Ollie E)
    Miss Debbie Elkington, Boston, Lincs, UK (for Ollie E)
    Miss Debbie Elkington, Boston, Lincs, UK (for Stitch-a-long: Circles)
    Miss Debbie Elkington, Boston, Lincs, UK (for Stitch-a-long: Circles)
    Miss Debbie Elkington, Boston, Lincs, UK (for Skyla C)
    Monika, Bedford, UK (for Jake C)
    Rebecca, Kettering, Northants (for Jack P)
    Rebecca, Kettering, Northants (for Charlie J)
    Sandra, England (for Corey E)
    Sandra, England (for Sofia R)
    Sandra, England (for Mason M)
    Sandra, England (for Esther L)

    As always, thank you so much to everyone for your donations, it is really appreciated.

    Olympic Games
    Gaynor will be volunteering at the London Olympic Games from 22nd July - 15th August. Please do not be alarmed at the lack of LQ News updates during this time - normal service will be resumed afterwards. Additionally, no new quilts will open during this period. Katherine will be picking up the LQ email and receiving the stitched squares as usual.

    See you all after the Games! :)

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