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News 26 Feb 2012 - 04 Mar 2012

Quilt News
Katherine and Gaynor are in the process of sorting out the end of February deadline quilts (Isla, Amelia F, Harlum and Tahlia-Annikki). We have four quilters ready to quilt to take on a quilt each - just waiting for the last couple of squares to arrive.

Carol P's cross stitch group has been in communication with Gaynor via post and they have already made a start on the squares for Olivia G and Jack G. Thank you, ladies!

A lady called Gill saw Katherine in Popular Patchwork magazine this week and recognised her face - it turns out Gill is a quilter who also lives in Bourne and had seen Katherine around the village! Gill is very enthusiastic about LQUK and has already visited Katherine and taken away some Hearts Stitch-a-long squares to make an emergency quilt.

New quilter Brenda is hard at work on the Butterflies and Dragonflies squares sent in by Jan - which will be another emergency quilt.

We received this lovely photo of Faith L who has had some surgery on her toe this week - hope you are feeling better soon, Faith!

We have had the following message from Iona's mum:

Just thought I'd tell you how Iona's quilt has brought her such comfort, she isn't very well at the moment and she gets such comfort from being wrapped up in all that love, thank you so much, from one grateful mum xxx

We have also had this message about Callum:

Just to let you know that Callum is back in hospital with seizures :( but is the subject of severe quilt envy :) If I had a pound for everyone who wanted to know where Callum got it from......

Finally we have heard that Scott is back in hospital. We send our best wishes to all of the children who are poorly at the moment and hope they will be feeling better soon.

Emergency Quilt
We had a request this weekend to send Emily B an emergency quilt as she is very ill in hospital with severe breathing difficulties at the moment. As Emily is 17, she has been placed on an adult ward, which is not decorated in a friendly way as the children's wards are, and her mum requested an emergency quilt to make her feel more at home in hospital. We will be sending Emily the Hearts quilt which was quilted by Rebecca a couple of months ago.

Obviously this means we will have to discuss what will happen to Emily's original squares, some of which have already been completed and sent in. Gaynor will be contacting everyone about this soon. Get well soon, Emily. x

Quilts opened/closed
Leon's quilt was opened and closed.
Adam G's quilt was opened and closed.
Mikey H's quilt was opened and closed.

Square News
We have received 26 squares this week! Many thanks to all those who stitched them!

  • Quilt Squares were received from:

    Edit, Toledo, Spain (for Christopher J)
    Jean, Buckinghamshire, England (for Jake C)
    Jean, Buckinghamshire, England (for Sienna S)
    Jean, Buckinghamshire, England (for Harvey M)
    Jean, Buckinghamshire, England (for Poppy J)
    Joanne, Wigan, UK (for Amelia E)
    Julie, Anglesey, Wales (for Dean B)
    Karen, Majorca, Spain (for Jack B)
    Kay, London, UK (for Sienna S)
    Kaye, St Albans, England (for Amelia F)
    Kaye, St Albans, England (for Stitch-a-long: Owls)
    Leanne Malcolmson, Romsey, UK (for Adelaide W)
    Leanne Malcolmson, Romsey, UK (for Emily B)
    Marion, Walsall, UK (for Harvey M)
    Poppie Taylor, Solihull, England (for Jake C)
    Rosie Timperley, Derbyshire (for Any child)
    Seren Senior, Derby, UK (for Stitch-a-long: Disney Pixar Cars)
    Seren Senior, Derby, UK (for Harry)
    Seren Senior, Derby, UK (for Adelaide W)
    Seren Senior, Derby, UK (for Kyle V)
    Shirley, Worthing, Sussex, England (for Stitch-a-long: Owls)
    Valerie Parnell, Dundee, UK (for Isla)

  • Any child squares were received from:

    Jean, Buckinghamshire, England for the Cartoon Characters category
    Rosie Hutchinson, Evesham, for the Girls category
    Rosie Hutchinson, Evesham, for the Teddies category
    Seren Senior, Derby, UK for the Flowers/Bugs category

    Thank you to everyone who has sent in donations this week! Also, we received our first Gift Aid payment from HMRC of £161.47 which is very good indeed! Thanks to all who took the time to complete and send in the Gift Aid forms!

    News 19 Feb 2012 - 26 Feb 2012

    Quilt News
    A fairly quiet week for once! Gaynor has started to line up quilters for Isla's quilt, Amelia F's quilt, Harlum's quilt and Tahlia-Annikki's quilt.

    We have been contacted by a cross-stitch group from Leek in Staffordshire who would like to take on two quilts entirely, as a project for their group. They will cross-stitch the squares, provide the materials and Carol P will do the quilting.

    The group will be working on quilts for Olivia G and Jack G. Olivia and Jack are siblings of Finley G and suffer from the same condition.

    We have also heard that Seraphina who received a quilt from us in 2011 is very poorly at the moment, and we ask you to keep her in your thoughts.

    Quilts opened/closed
    Jamie J's quilt was closed.

    Aida from Katzstitch
    Our stitcher Rachael Green has very kindly negotiated discounted Aida for LQUK stitchers with Katzstitch as follows:

    If your stitchers would like to contact us direct at quoting LoveQuiltsUK we'll gladly offer 1m x 1.5m of white/antique white Aida for £9.60 + P&P.

    P&P on a metre is £3.00 first class or £2.75 second class (based on Royal Mail rates for up to 500g small packet). Indeed we'd be able to supply up to 40 skeins of threads with no additional P&P cost.

    We could also cut 13" x 13" squares for £1.20 + P&P (3 squares would be £1.00 P&P first class, 8 would be £1.40).

    These prices are based on direct PayPal invoicing (cheques and bank transfer would be a further saving). In due course, I'll look to set something up on our website.

    This is a very good offer and we hope many of our UK stitchers will be able to take advantage of it. Thank you, Rachael!

    Square News
    We have received 32 squares this week! Many thanks to all those who stitched them!

  • Squares this week were received from:

    Brenda, Pinner, UK (for Elizabeth P)
    Carol Ayling, Copthorne, UK (for Jack B)
    Heather, Littleborough, England (for Sarah B)
    Jan, Enid, Oklahoma, USA (for Samuel W)
    Jan, Enid, Oklahoma, USA (for Samuel W)
    Kate, Leics, UK (for Nicola H)
    Kate, Leics, UK (for Christopher J)
    Nicola, St Albans, UK (for Jack R)
    Nicola, St Albans, UK (for Jake C)
    Nicola, St Albans, UK (for Harry X)
    Pascale, Gravesend, Kent, UK (for Tahlia-Annikki)
    Pascale, Gravesend, Kent, UK (for Harlum L)
    Pascale, Gravesend, Kent, UK (for Amelia F)
    Pascale, Gravesend, Kent, UK (for Jessica S)
    Pascale, Gravesend, Kent, UK (for Isla)
    Philippa, Oxford, UK (for Jack R)
    Poppie Taylor, Solihull, England (for Nicola H)
    Poppie Taylor, Solihull, England (for Kyle V)
    Rachael, Newcastle under Lyme, England (for Forget-Me-Not Quilt)
    Sandra, England (for Emily B)
    Sandra, England (for Sarah B)
    Sue Torode, Farnborough, UK (for Tahlia-Annikki)
    Zoe Swift, Shipley, England (for Jessica S)

  • Any child squares were received from:

    Gemma , Lincoln, UK for the Flowers/Bugs category
    Gemma , Lincoln, UK for the Animals/Birds category
    Gemma , Lincoln, UK for the Cartoon Characters category
    Heather, Littleborough, England for the Boys category
    Nicola, Cardiff, UK for the Flowers/Bugs category
    Nicola, Cardiff, UK for the Flowers/Bugs category
    Pascale, Gravesend, Kent, UK for the Hearts category
    Pascale, Gravesend, Kent, UK for the Cute animals category
    Pascale, Gravesend, Kent, UK for the Flowers/Bugs category

  • Donated fabric was received from:

    Anne in Norway, Helle, Jean and Philippa

    (See Fabric page for details) Thank you very much, ladies!

    We have received a particularly high amount of cheque/cash/Paypal donations, thank you very much to all who have donated. Kat says cheques have been falling out of envelopes all the week! We intend to stock up on fabric when Gaynor visits the USA at Easter and it will be a tremendous help :)

    News 06 Feb 2012 - 19 Feb 2012

    We have had a very busy time since our last update, two weeks ago!

    Quilt News
    We received the following picture of Daniel with his quilt:

    Iona's quilt was delivered:

    We had the following news of Callum:

    Callum back home from hospital on Saturday - chilling under his Love Quilt x

    We received this photo of Ollie K:

    He insists we point out all the trains before sleep time x

    Also from Ruby who received her quilt back in 2010:

    "Ruby still adores her quilt, guys - she takes it on all her hospital admissions, its been such a comfort for her x"

    Quilts opened/closed
    Harvey M's quilt was opened and closed.
    Harry X's quilt was opened and closed.
    Poppy J's quilt was opened and closed.
    Jamie J's quilt was opened
    Finley G's quilt was opened

    Magazine Stardom
    We are appearing in the March edition of Popular Patchwork magazine. We would like to thank Bridget Kenningham for her wonderful support of LQ by printing a four page article with many photos of our kids.

    If you would like to buy a copy, it is on sale until the end of February in WHSmith or similar newsagents :)

    We have already been in contact with 8 new quilters, and hope to expand LQ a bit in accordance with the extra help. Watch this space!

    Square News
    We broke the 2000 square barrier this week! This is a fantastic achievement and we'd like to thank all our stitchers for their wonderful support of LQUK. It is almost exactly a year since we reached the 1000 square barrier, so a thousand squares have come in in a year. Phenomenal.

    The 2,000th square received was Kaye's Tatty Teddy square, but they are all very special! Thank you!

    We have received 31 squares this week! Many thanks to all those who stitched them!

  • Quilt Squares were received from:

    A. Glasker, Welzheim, Germany (for Amelia E)
    Angela Lamb, Hounslow, UK (for Stitch-a-long: Owls)
    Anne, Sandefjord, Norway (for Nicola H)
    Anne, Sandefjord, Norway (for Amelia E)
    Becky McLinn, Ulverston, UK (for Amelia F)
    Carol Ayling, Copthorne, UK (for Amelia Rose)
    Chris, Crawley, UK (for Sienna S)
    Freda, Morecombe, England (for Forget-Me-Not Quilt)
    Gayle, USA (for Jake C)
    Ginny Pledger, Earls Barton, UK (for Amelia E)
    Jeneen, PA, USA (for Emily B)
    Jo, Swansea, UK (for Aaron F)
    Joanne, Wigan, UK (for Stitch-a-long: Hearts)
    Joanne, Wigan, UK (for Amelia F)
    Julie Moody, Newark, UK (for Elizabeth P)
    Julie Moody, Newark, UK (for Sienna S)
    Julie Moody, Newark, UK (for Sienna S)
    Karen Guy, Corby Glen, UK (for William E)
    Karen Guy, Corby Glen, UK (for Kyle V)
    Kay, Doncaster, Uk (for Jack R)
    Kay, Doncaster, Uk (for Sienna S)
    Kay, Doncaster, Uk (for Sarah B)
    Liz, UK (for Sarah B)
    Natalie, Virginia, USA (for Sarah B)
    Poppie Taylor, Solihull, England (for Emily B)
    Sadie Wishart, Castle Douglas, Scotland (for Jack R)
    Sandra, England (for Amelia Rose)
    Sandra, England (for Elizabeth P)

  • Any child squares were received from:

    Angelika, Germany for the Vehicles category
    Freda, Morecombe, England for the Dogs and Cats category
    Pauline, Broughton, for the Girls category

  • Donated fabric was received from:

    Andrea - Newport, Shropshire
    Claire, Corby Glen
    Elaine, Ravenshead - Nottingham

    (See Fabric page for details)

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