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News 09 Apr 2011 - 16 Apr 2011

Quilt News
This week, Katherine has completed Laura's quilt and it is now in the post. So we hope to bring you news about her quilt next week.

We also received a picture of Jayden with his quilt this week (his was the farm quilt which was delivered back in February):

Meetings in Lincolnshire
Gaynor went up to Lincolnshire to stay with Katherine for a few days this week, and a lot of time was spent sorting out fabric. We got out all the fabric we had and trashed Katherine's living room:

We had a very, very long session of sorting out fabric for quilts on Tuesday night. We now know we have fabric, wadding and backing sorted out for the next 12 quilts, apart from Lilia Rania's which Gaynor will shop for next week.

On Wednesday, we had lots of visitors! They were Karen Guy, Lis Neilsen and Claire Lawrence from Corby Glen, all of whom stitched for Brendan's Tatty Teddy quilt. Also, we met Brendan himself and his mum Denise! Last, but not least, Katherine's sister Vic, our stamp queen, also joined us.

Here is Brendan with his quilt:

And here are all of us with Brendan and his quilt:

(From left to right) Karen Guy, Gaynor Thomas, Vic Gallimore, Lis Nielsen, Claire Lawrence and Katherine Pocklington.

Square News
There are a quite a few squares past their due date which is a little worrying to us, particularly those which are now 6 weeks late. Please try to get your squares to us on time. Apart from anything else, we'd rather spend our time quilting than chasing up squares! We've already heard that some late squares are on their way and we will have to dip into the Any Child stocks for the rest if required.

We have received 12 squares this week! Many thanks to all those who stitched them!

  • Quilt Squares were received from:

    Joanne, Bathgate, Scotland (for Poppy)
    Joanne, Wigan, UK (for Stitch-a-long: Disney Characters)
    Patricia, Northern Ireland, UK (for Seraphina)
    Patricia, Northern Ireland, UK (for Jack B)
    Patricia, Northern Ireland, UK (for Max P)
    Poppie Taylor, Solihull, England (for Joshua D )
    Poppie Taylor, Solihull, England (for Lennon S)
    Poppie Taylor, Solihull, England (for Lewis C )
    Poppie Taylor, Solihull, England (for Stitch-a-long: Purple Theme)
    Susan, Hamilton, USA (for Tilly Lucy)

  • Any child squares were received from:

    Lucy, Harford Bridge, UK for the Angels/Fairies category
    Lucy, Harford Bridge, UK for the Angels/Fairies category

    Thank you very much to those who have given cash donations this week, it is very much appreciated. Also thank you very much to Hannah from the Wiggly Bags Facebook Group who donated some fabric that was unsuitable for Wiggly bags, but fine for us.

    And Finally...
    We have heard from Cross Stitch Crazy magazine that we have been selected as their Club of the Month! We have won £100 worth of Past Impressions goodies. We will work out how best to use this prize for the benefit of LoveQuiltsUK. Many thanks to Cross Stitch Crazy magazine, we are delighted!

    News 02 Apr 2011 - 09 Apr 2011

    Quilt News
    This week, Gaynor has completed Freya's quilt (Rabbit theme) and it has been delivered:

    Thank you to everyone who contributed a square for Freya and also mum Roberta for providing us with such cute photos!

    Also this week we have received some photos of children with quilts which were delivered in previous weeks:

    Photo of Aaron Hs quilt

    Photo of Elizabeths quilt

    The last square finally arrived for Laura's quilt so Katherine has been working hard on it all week and is now at the binding stage.

    The next quilt after Laura's will be Scott's quilt. We have heard that Scott is very poorly at the moment so have decided to move his quilt up. Luckily, all the squares are already in.

    We have received two large packages of stamps this week from anonymous benefactors - so if you are reading this, thank you very much!

    Book Sale
    Gaynor has been holding a second-hand book sale at her office in work and has raised £10 so far.

    Square News
    We have received 14 squares this week! Many thanks to all those who stitched them!

  • Quilt Squares were received from:

    Edit, Toledo, Spain (for Scott W)
    Elaine, Raby, NSW, Australia (for Faith M)
    Ellie, Southampton, UK (for Max P)
    Jessica, Majorca, Spain (for Lotty B)
    Karen, Majorca, Spain (for Seraphina)
    Kaye, St Albans, England (for Kelli G )
    Lori, IL, USA (for Freya P)
    Sandra, England (for Niamh P)
    Sandra, England (for Joshua D )
    Sandra, England (for Kelli G )
    Sandra, England (for Tia-Rose M)
    Sandra, England (for Lewis C )
    Sylvia, Germany (for Laura W)
    Sylvia, Germany (for Callum M)

    News 26 Mar 2011 - 02 Apr 2011

    Quilt News
    This week, Katherine has completed Aaron's quilt and it has been delivered but we have not received a photo. Pictures of the quilt can be seen on Aaron's page.

    Next, Katherine will work on Laura's quilt but the last square appears to be lost in the post.

    Gaynor has been working on Freya's quilt (Rabbits) and has made good progress and is currently on the final stage of hand-sewing the binding.

    Many of you will remember the Tatty Teddy quilt we completed recently for a little boy called Bradley. Bradley was in foster care at the time, so we couldn't put many details about him on his page. This week, the formal adoption came through, so we can now reveal that Bradley's real name is Brendan and we have also put a photo of him up on his page here. Brendan has been very poorly indeed recently, but he is a little more settled this week. Congratulations to Denise Currie and Karen Guy who have a new addition to their family! Katherine met Karen Guy in person this week too so we have put another face to a name :)

    Vic (Katherine's sister for those who don't know) has been sorting out the large number of stamps we have received in recent weeks and cutting 1/4 inch around them ready to be sent off to exchange for cash. Many thanks Vic, and here is an action shot:

    We have received stamps from Joanne Sudworth and Audrey Wright this week - thank you very much, ladies!

    American Fabric
    Gaynor met up with her friend Janette from Oregon last Sunday who has very kindly brought over a large amount of fabric for us while she holidayed in the UK with her family. We purchased the fabric for LoveQuiltsUK at the much cheaper American prices. Thank you Janette for going to the trouble of bringing a heavy package for us! Gaynor is already using some of this fabric on Freya's quilt.

    Sewing Machine
    Gaynor has had her mother's sewing machine on loan since she started quilting for LQUK five months ago. Her mother has decided to donate her sewing machine to LQUK from now on, so many thanks to Mrs Elaine Thomas for her generosity!

    Square News
    We have received 17 squares this week! Many thanks to all those who stitched them!

  • Quilt Squares were received from:

    Diana Tanner, Perth WA, Australia (for Kelli G )
    Diana Tanner, Perth WA, Australia (for Lennon S)
    Diana Tanner, Perth WA, Australia (for Tia-Rose M)
    Diana Tanner, Perth WA, Australia (for Stitch-a-long: Green Theme)
    Freda, Morecombe, England (for Tilly Lucy)
    Karen Guy, Corby Glen, United Kingdom. (for Toni C)
    Karen Guy, Corby Glen, United Kingdom. (for Matty H)
    Karen Guy, Corby Glen, United Kingdom. (for Brooke H)
    Lori, IL, USA (for Brooke H)
    Magda, Glasgow, Scotland (for Aaron H)
    Sandy, USA (for Jack B)
    Sandy, USA (for Rhea T)
    Sandy, USA (for Matty H)
    Sylvia, Germany (for Freya P)
    Tracey Gannon, Norwich, United Kingdom (for Seraphina)
    Tracey Gannon, Norwich, United Kingdom (for Lennon S)

  • Any child squares were received from:

    Joanne Sudworth, UK for the Cartoon Characters category

  • Donated fabric was received from:


    (See Fabric page for details)

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