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Squares by Kaye, St Albans England

For Amy H
(Theme: Fairies)
Uploaded: 9th Oct 2020

For Hayden S
(Theme: Superheroes)
Uploaded: 14th Jun 2016

For Noah G
(Theme: Tractors And Vehicles)
Uploaded: 25th Jan 2016

For William M
(Theme: Disney Characters)
Uploaded: 4th Nov 2015

For Maia S
(Theme: Cats)
Uploaded: 3rd Sep 2015

For Oliver W
(Theme: Mickey Mouse)
Uploaded: 23rd Jul 2015

For Alex W
(Theme: Vehicles that Fly (Emergency Quilt))
Uploaded: 19th Jun 2015

For Noel T
(Theme: Lickle Ted (Emergency Quilt))
Uploaded: 14th Jun 2015

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Quilts featuring Kaye's squares

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