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Squares by Frank Osborne, San Antonio, Texas USA

LQUK would like to pay tribute to Frank who sadly passed away in August 2019. The squares that he stitched for the children can be seen below. Thank you, Frank.

For Logan S
(Theme: Trains)
Uploaded: 22nd Apr 2017

For Alexander K
(Theme: Cars)
Uploaded: 7th Mar 2017

For Aston B
(Theme: Cars, especially Sports cars)
Uploaded: 17th Jan 2017

For Ryan G
(Theme: Anything Army, helicopters, planes)
Uploaded: 14th Nov 2016

For Caleb C
(Theme: Diggers and Tractors)
Uploaded: 4th Nov 2016

For Elliot H
(Theme: Space)
Uploaded: 4th Nov 2016

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Quilts featuring Frank Osborne's squares

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