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Squares by Susan Miller, Bathgate Scotland

LQUK would like to pay tribute to Susan who sadly passed away in 2018. Her family were kind enough to make a donation to us in lieu of flowers. Susan's squares can be seen below. Thank you for your contribution to LQUK x

For Zoe C
(Theme: Disney characters )
Uploaded: 16th Sep 2015

For Violet C
(Theme: Disney Mickey Mouse Club Characters)
Uploaded: 20th Jul 2015

For Oliver W
(Theme: Mickey Mouse)
Uploaded: 20th Jun 2015

For Bobby-Lee N
(Theme: Mickey Mouse)
Uploaded: 27th May 2015

For Liam G
(Theme: Mickey Mouse)
Uploaded: 23rd Apr 2015

For Myles S
(Theme: Cars)
Uploaded: 31st Mar 2015

For Caiden G
(Theme: Cars)
Uploaded: 24th Feb 2015

For Isla Mae
(Theme: Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse)
Uploaded: 6th Jan 2015

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Quilts featuring Susan Miller's squares

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