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Squares by Pauline, Broughton UK

For Lucas G
(Theme: Princesses and Frozen characters)
Uploaded: 14th Nov 2023

For Any child
(Category: Birds)
Uploaded: 6th Nov 2023

For Ronnie W
(Theme: Penguins and fish)
Uploaded: 26th Oct 2023

For Henry C
(Theme: Sausage dog, white duck, pigs and penguins)
Uploaded: 26th Sep 2023

For Cara-Grace
(Theme: Bees and Sunflowers)
Uploaded: 16th Sep 2023

For Jacob-Peter
(Theme: Sea Life)
Uploaded: 10th Aug 2023

For Liberty P
(Theme: Dogs/puppies)
Uploaded: 13th May 2023

For Any child
(Category: Animals (Jungle/Zoo))
Uploaded: 13th May 2023

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Quilts featuring Pauline's squares

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