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Squares by Vickie, Birmingham UK

For Jacob R
(Theme: Jungle/Safari Animals)
Uploaded: 18th Aug 2014

For Kyle M
(Theme: Toy Story Characters)
Uploaded: 11th Aug 2014

For Tom H
(Theme: Board games)
Uploaded: 11th Aug 2014

For Ethan G
(Theme: Doctor Who)
Uploaded: 29th May 2014

For Lewis H
(Theme: Football)
Uploaded: 23rd Apr 2014

For Mason F
(Theme: Male Disney Characters)
Uploaded: 31st Oct 2013

For Harry G
(Theme: Disney Characters
(Emergency Quilt))
Uploaded: 24th Sep 2013

For Daisy W
(Theme: Rainbows)
Uploaded: 31st Aug 2013

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Quilts featuring Vickie's squares

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