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Squares by Hannah Garner, Manchester UK

For Alexander P
(Theme: Disney specific)
Uploaded: 26th Apr 2021

For Lucie B
(Theme: Unicorns)
Uploaded: 27th Nov 2019

For Paris N
(Theme: Fairies and Roses)
Uploaded: 27th Mar 2019

For Caitlin H
(Theme: Emojis)
Uploaded: 27th Feb 2018

For Emma F
(Theme: Unicorns and Fairies)
Uploaded: 24th Nov 2017

For Teri-Ann W
(Theme: Zebras)
Uploaded: 30th Jul 2016

For Lucie W
(Theme: Cats)
Uploaded: 26th Mar 2016

For Roxanne R
(Theme: Angels and Fairies)
Uploaded: 1st Mar 2016

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Quilts featuring Hannah Garner's squares

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