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Squares by Alison, Ormskirk UK

Squares in progress:

1. Mufasa from LQUK files for Alia M (Deadline: 26 Oct 2023)
2. Chase by Merete for LQUK files for Lacey-Louise (Deadline: 26 Nov 2023)
3. Etsy Velvet Pony Designs cute lion cub for Heidi C (Deadline: 26 Dec 2023)
4. Mater from Cars - LQUK file for Lucan B (Deadline: 26 Jan 2024)
5. Monster truck crushing by Beth Filmer from LQUK files for Oscar H (Deadline: 26 Jan 2024)

For Theo
(Theme: Disney specific)
Uploaded: 6th Sep 2023

For Maddie-Rose
(Theme: Thomas and friends)
Uploaded: 6th Sep 2023

For James P
(Theme: Favourite things)
Uploaded: 6th Sep 2023

For Lucia S
(Theme: Wild/Zoo/Woodland Animals)
Uploaded: 9th Jul 2023

For Jenson W
(Theme: Space/assorted)
Uploaded: 15th Jun 2023

For Fergus H
(Theme: Dinosaurs)
Uploaded: 15th Jun 2023

For Rupert D
(Theme: Winnie the Pooh and friends)
Uploaded: 18th Apr 2023

For Aubree-Blossom
(Theme: Fairies)
Uploaded: 18th Apr 2023

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Quilts featuring Alison's squares

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