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Squares by Susan, Hamilton USA

For Andrew C
(Theme: Circles (Emergency Quilt))
Uploaded: 8th Jan 2013

For Marek S
(Theme: Circle template (Emergency Quilt))
Uploaded: 8th Jan 2013

For Noel T
(Theme: Lickle Ted (Emergency Quilt))
Uploaded: 4th Jan 2012

For Tilly Lucy
(Theme: Precious Moments)
Uploaded: 13th Apr 2011

For Toni C
(Theme: Hearts or Music)
Uploaded: 23rd Mar 2011

For Lotty B
(Theme: Baby animals)
Uploaded: 26th Feb 2011

For Jayden C
(Theme: Farm)
Uploaded: 31st Dec 2010

For Lennon Georgie
(Theme: Noah's Ark)
Uploaded: 31st Dec 2010

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Quilts featuring Susan's squares

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