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LoveQuiltsUK - Zoe T's quilt

Zoe T's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Born:May 2003
Illness: genetic mutation of USP9X gene

Theme: Specific

Date opened: 19th Jul 2017
Date closed: 21st Jul 2017
Deadline: 31st Oct 2017

Photo of Zoe T

Theme details

Specific - Music notes, footballs and sports balls, colouring pencils, cats, Spiderman, French Fries, happy emojis eg love, smile, kiss etc

Zoe prefers more realistic patterns rather than cartoon type ones and with the football and sports it is the equipment she likes such as the balls and rackets etc. She is not as keen on cartoon children as she is scared of other children.

Child Interests

She loves blue and loves the following things- music, colouring pencils, footballs, Facebook, art equipment, you tube, macdonalds chips, crisps, our cat, swimming, chatting, drawing and colouring. She is not a girly girl and has rather individual likes!


Zoe was born 5 days late, there were no issues spotted during my pregnancy. When she was born her left hand was under her chin and her face was wonky because of this and this meant she had trouble sucking. Her feet were turned up also right against her legs.

At the initial check she was found to have hip dysplacia and was fitted with a pavlick harness for 12 weeks. She was also diagnose with "rocker bottom foot" and we were referred to a specialist orthopaedic hospital as this was very rare. She has splints for her feet and they also said she had tortilcolis and she was not trying to stand and crawl like the other babies were. She was also get hysterically upset when she heard loud noises, especially babies screaming and crying and it was hard to take her to NCT groups and play groups.

At 6 months the paediatrician saw her and told me I wasn't playing with her properly and that was why she wasn't developing. She learnt Makaton at 18 months and didn't talk until she was gone 4. She walked, with a wobble at 3 and still walks with a wobble now!

At 2 she saw a physio who said she thought she might have some additional needs and we then had access to Speech therapists and OT and reviews. She was diagnosed with global developmental delay.

At 6 years old she developed epilepsy and at 8 was diagnosed with Autism. We have seen a geneticist from the age of 2 but they couldn't find anything and her brain and spine MRI didn't show any abnormalities.

At 10 she had a full spinal fusion as her scoliosis was so bad it was squashing her stomach and lungs and she has had various castings and tendon transfer operations on her feet. Her spinal surgery was a success and she grew 5 inches overnight!

She has very high levels of anxiety and has been under camhs on and off since she was 2.

We entered the DDD genetic study and in 2015 got a letter to come and see the geneticist. Her genetic condition has been found in 16 other children across the world so far and little is know about it at the moment.

She was diagnosed in 2016 with OCD.

She attends a special school and sleeps there several nights a week due to her complex mental health needs which can result in changing behaviour.

She is a wonderful young lady who can be so kind and caring, she doesn't miss a trick and hears everything and anything and she loves to catch up on "gossip" with her obsession being people and what they are up to!

She has a wicked sense of humour and has been amazing coping with her operations and medication she takes. She makes everyone laugh and those that meet her love her!


1.Colouring pencilsStitcher: penny thatcher, chesham, uk
In Progress

2.Online pattern from American football ballStitcher: Monika, Letchworth GC, UK
In Progress

3.Treble clef and music notes. Will use blueStitcher: Elaine, Ammanford, Wales

4.Donnas crafty cave on Etsy Musical notes in rainbow colours Stitcher: Katie Lacy, Amersham, UK
In Progress

5.Http:// Treble clef surrounded by different types of notes. I will do in different shades of blue as that is her favourite colour.Stitcher: Alison Wells, West Yorkshire, UK

6.Etsy Climbing goat, cat with sunsetStitcher: Nicola Dove, Barnsley, UK
In Progress

7.Daily Cross Stitch French friesStitcher: Shelli Rippetoe, USA
In Progress

8.Pinterest Football - black and white Stitcher: Monika Bascombe, Highworth, Uk
In Progress From 2009 Six kittens (various breeds and colors) in a frameStitcher: Jeanne, Texas, USA
In Progress

10.Cross Stitcher June 2016 11 coloured pencilsStitcher: Sue Torode, Farnborough, UK
In Progress

11.Own design Various emojisStitcher: Sarah W, Cornwall, England
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Kate, Leics, UK
In Progress

Squares received

Cross stitch square for Zoe T's quilt
Stitched by: Elaine
Submitted: Aug 2017

Cross stitch square for Zoe T's quilt
Stitched by: Alison Wells
Submitted: Jul 2017


Card for Zoe T
Stitched by: Diane Clifford

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