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LoveQuiltsUK - Cian R's quilt

Cian R's quilt   (Quilt Coming Soon)

Born:June 2012
Illness: Hearing loss,

Theme: Space

Quilt will open soon, keep checking back!
Photo of Cian R

Child Interests

Cian loves most colours, it changes daily but blues are his usual favourite.
His favourite activity is swimming.
He loves making things especially space themed items for his bedroom.


Cian had a really difficult birth, he had no output for 15 mins and didn't breath for himself for 6 days. He had many seizures at this time and wasn't expected to survive. He was cooled which I believe saved him and he made amazing progress though over the next few days and was discharged at 12 days.

He screamed for the first year, we later discovered he had reflux and food intolerances and he was never happy unless he was in water. He struggled to eat and sleep but did make progress and though had some delays meeting his milestones developed in to a happy smiley very determined little boy.

His speech didn't deivelop and at 3 1/2 was diagnosed with hearing loss and aided and then slowly his speech came, it is still hard to understand him at times and we are fighting for equipment to help him at school. Around this time he started having focal seizures and after a CT scan was diagnosed with epilepsy caused from the strokes had at birth.

Cian tires easily and spends a lot of time recovering from his busy days at school resting under a blanket so I know how much he will appreciate a blanket made especially for him.

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