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LoveQuiltsUK - Kieran S's quilt

Kieran S's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Born:January 2011
Illness: Heart condition

Theme: Space

Date opened: 28th Apr 2018
Date closed: 3rd May 2018
Deadline: 27th Aug 2018

Photo of Kieran S

Child Interests

Kieran’s favourite colour is green

Kieran is interested in space like rockets, stars, planets, aliens etc


When kieran was born he spent most of this time asleep, struggled putting on weight, vomiting and feeding. We was told that Kieran was just a lazy baby but at 10 weeks old we found out kieran had a hole in his heart (vsd), he was put on high kcal milk but this made him vomit a lot so he spent a week in our local hospital, during this time he was very week and lost his neck control. Kieran was sent home from hospital on a different milk and a range of medication, he was seen by great ormond street who kept an eye on his hole in his heart. At 13 months old Kieran went to great ormomd street to have his hole in his heart closed by open heart surgery but unfortunately the operation failed and he had to have open heart surgery again 2 weeks later, Kieran spent 3 weeks in great ormomd street. During his say at great ormond street he caught nurovirus and a cold virus.

Kieran still has a leaky aortic valve with his being monitoring by great ormomd street, his aortic valve will need to be replaced sometime but will not touch it until Kieran has no energy.
Kieran also has nurodevelopmental delay but even through everything he has been through Kieran always has a smile on his face.


1.DailyCrossStitch on Craftsy Cartoon astronaut wavingStitcher: Abigail, Stockport, UK
In Progress

2.Climbing Goats Our sunStitcher: Eileen, Newcastle, UK
In Progress

3.Climbing goats AquariusStitcher: Heather Joyce, Sandiacre, UK
In Progress

4.LQUK file - Gemma Rocket Ship blasting off into spaceStitcher: Karen Hockin, Southampton, England
In Progress

5.Taken from the book 101 Space Motifs in cross stitch Selection of planets, spacemen, satelites and aliensStitcher: Helen, Thrapston, UK
In Progress

6.Etsy Earth floating in spaceStitcher: Julie Tavares, Béthune, France
In Progress Space rocket, and will add an astronautStitcher: Ann, Billericay, UK

8.Climbing goats designs Patterned SaturnStitcher: Sue, Cumbria, UK
In Progress

9.Climbing Goat Designs Telescope Stitcher: Leigh Robson, Dalton-in-Furness , England
In Progress

10.Cartoon rocket blasting into space with sun and moon Stitcher: Sophie, Birmingham, England
In Progress

11.LQUK files Solar systemStitcher: Laura, Thetford, UK
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Miss Debbie Elkington, Boston, Lincs, UK
In Progress

Squares received

Cross stitch square for Kieran S's quilt
Stitched by: Ann
Submitted: Jun 2018


Card for Kieran S
Stitched by: Sandra

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