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LoveQuiltsUK - Ali N's quilt

Ali N's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Illness: Lissencephaly

Theme: Sea life

Date opened: 15th Jun 2019
Date closed: 15th Jun 2019
Deadline: 26th Oct 2019

Photo of Ali N

Child Interests

Ali loves rainbows and bright colours.
He loves lights and noises and different textures.
He loves Elmo.


Ali had his first seizure at 1 week old. He was finally diagnosed with lissencephaly (smooth brain) at 10 weeks old.
Lissencephaly is life limiting and has affected all of Ali. He has struggled with seizures his whole life and now has hundreds a day. He is fed by feeding tube into his stomach.
He has spent a huge amount of time in hospital and is the calmest, loveliest child. He has suffered so much and is currently really struggling, getting worse day by day.


1.Awesome Pattern Studio design taken from 2019 calendar Mandala TurtleStitcher: Jan , Lincs, UK
In Progress

2.Tropical fish in a circle from club point de croixStitcher: Rebecca, Kettering, Northants, UK
In Progress

3.Baby and Kids motif by Maria Diaz. Jellyfish in rainbow colours with words 'wibble wobble'.Stitcher: Nisha Chauhan, Leicester, UK
In Progress Rainbow fish designed by myselfStitcher: Donna Sharpe, Chesterfield, UK
In Progress

5.Jacobean sea friends. Jellyfish. Stitcher: Miss Debbie Elkington, Boston, Lincs, UK
In Progress

6.From LQ files Seahorse pairStitcher: Jackie Billington, Birmingham , UK
In Progress

7.Endangered Young’uns The Harp SealStitcher: Sandra, Shefford, England
In Progress

8.Jacobean sea friends. Octopus.Stitcher: Jenny Elkington, Boston, UK
In Progress

9.Cross stitch motif series book 2 by Maria Diaz Cartoon seahorse, octopus, crab and fishStitcher: Sally, Hull, UK
In Progress

10.Climbing Goats Animals at Home Coral Reef Fish Stitcher: Rebecca, Nantwich, UK
In Progress

11.DMC Philippines free patterns Colourful fish with some bubblesStitcher: Diana, Sussex, UK
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Moira Anne Jeffcoat, Birmingham, England
In Progress

Squares received

None yet. (Quilt opened on 15th Jun 2019)

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