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LoveQuiltsUK - Liam S's quilt

Liam S's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Illness: Cystic Fibrosis

Theme: Jungle animals

Date opened: 29th Aug 2020
Date closed: 2nd Sep 2020
Deadline: 26th Dec 2020

Photo of Liam S

Theme details

Jungle animals - Elephant, leopard, monkey, hippo are favourites

Some vehicles on the label would be nice :)

Child Interests

Liam's favourite colour is blue. He loves animals and has a wide variety of stuffed jungle animals - an elephant, monkey, leopard. He also likes all vehicles- lorries, tractors, monster trucks, motorbikes.


Liam was born by planned cesarean section in 2017. There were no signs before birth that he had anything wrong with him and he was born a healthy 8lbs 13oz. The only sign that there was anything wrong came in the first few days of life when he kept dropping weight despite being a good eater.

He was diagnosed at 15 days old by the heel prick test. We received a call from a cystic fibrosis consultant at the local hospital who broke the news over the telephone before immediately inviting us to attend an appointment. To say we were shocked was an understatement. Although this is a genetic condition, there is no recent history of it on either side of the family.

Since that day we started a daily routine of physiotherapy and medication. Liam is pancreatic insufficient which means he does not absorb fat easily from food. We have to calculate the dosage of and administer an enzyme called Creon to him before he eats anything with fat in it. We are nearly always on some sort of antibiotics and we take nebulised medicine every evening to thin the mucus in his lungs. We must also ensure that he has an increased salt uptake.

Since birth Liam has had two hospital admissions of 14 days each for intravenous antibiotics. This is actually not that many in comparison to some others.

We very much try not to let cystic fibrosis define Liam and try to allow him as normal a life as possible. We even travelled to Vietnam last summer on our family holiday with his older brother Noah. Liam is a real little fighter and we couldn't be more proud of him.


1.Polka dot elephant Stitcher: Carol West , Thetford, Norfolk, UK
In Progress

2.Happy Hippo by PurplePansyXS Stitcher: Erica Turner, Penarth, Wales
In Progress

3.Etsy-mylovelycrossstitch Elephant tiger crocodile lion hippo and monkeyStitcher: Jodie Balaam, Lawshall, England
In Progress

4.Born to be wild birth sampler in cross stitch crazy issue 267 Tiger, elephant, monkey, tortoise and birds will leave off wordsStitcher: Sarah, St. Albans, UK
In Progress

5.Lucie Heaton from Etsy - Jungle Animal Sampler, will leave off name etc. 4 jungle animalsStitcher: Nicky, Mytchett, UK
In Progress

6.Daily cross stitch Tiger with butterfly on noseStitcher: Elizabeth Cousins, London, UK
In Progress

7.Daily cross stitch Nine different coloured elephantsStitcher: Sarah, Enfield, London, UK
In Progress

8.Cartoon monkey hanging from a vineStitcher: Emma Swift, Aberdeen, UK
In Progress

9.Pattern from AnnaXStitch on Etsy Geometric elephant headStitcher: Karen Stephenson, Cambridgeshire, UK
In Progress

10.Rainbow coloured elephant with baby as shadowStitcher: Gabriele Pearson, Cromarty, UK
In Progress

11.Own designStitcher: Ann Woods, Crimplesham, England
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Miss Debbie Elkington, Boston, Lincs, UK

Squares received

Cross stitch square for Liam S's quilt
Stitched by: Miss Debbie Elkington
Submitted: Sep 2020


Card for Liam S
Stitched by: Donna Sharpe

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