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LoveQuiltsUK - Eden B's quilt

Eden B's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Illness: Metastatic osteosarcoma

Theme: Animals (Big cats and sharks)

Date opened: 2nd Dec 2020
Date closed: 8th Dec 2020
Deadline: 26th Mar 2021

Photo of Eden B

Theme details

Animals (Big cats and sharks) - Favourites are Big Cats, Sharks, and other "dangerous" animals.

Child Interests

Eden loves animals, especially big cats, sharks and other "dangerous" animals, but anything wildlife related she's passionate about. She also worships her little brother Logan who loves dinosaurs (T-Rex and raptors) and her baby sister Faora who's a little princess (we say snow white due to her dark hair) so it would great if they could possibly be featured within her quilt, so when she's away from them in hospital, they can be with her in some way.
Eden's favourite colours are blues and greens, more aqua and turquoise shade than light and pale.


Born at 30 weeks and weighing just 2lb 2oz, back in 2006, it was clear from the start that she was a born fighter.

In May 2020 she complained of pain in her right leg and I put it down to growing pains and an excuse not to help. I eventually gave in to her complaining and thought I'd play her at her own game and contact our GP. He decided to send her for an x-ray which she went for on the 4th of June. Hours later that same day another GP from our surgery rang to say they've picked up an aggressive looking growth in her thigh bone. The next few weeks blurred in to each other, appointments with specialists, MRI scans, CT scans, biopsy at a hospital 3 hours away. On the 9th of July Eden started chemo and 6 days later her baby sister was born.

On the 6th of October Eden had surgery at Stanmore hospital, 3 hours away from us in Middlesex. There they removed a 13cm tumour, had to do a complete knee replacement and 18cm of thigh bone removed and replaced with an internal metal prosthetic. 3 weeks she spent there recovering and learning how to use her leg again.

She's now back to the chemo routine and we have to wait until March to find out how her lung mets have responded.


1.Stitcher: Elaine Dixon, Athens, Greece

2.Velvet pony designs geometric tigerStitcher: Grace Bowles, Southampton , UK
In Progress

3.Lion’s Face by AnnaXStitch on Etsy Stitcher: Val Gilbert, Coningsby , UK
In Progress

4.By Merete from LQ files Snow White in heart with castleStitcher: Jan G, Hull, UK
In Progress

5.Etsy - Stitchingland design Etsy Panther and flowersStitcher: Kerry, Aldershot, UK
In Progress

6.Etsy Snow leopard watercolourStitcher: Eleanor DB, Croydon, UK
In Progress

7.Dmc Cheetah faceStitcher: Julie Edgcumbe, Haverhill, Suffolk, UK
In Progress

8.World of cross stitching Pollyanna Pickering’s Lion KingStitcher: Christine Mennie, Aberdeen, UK
In Progress

9.Great white sharkStitcher: Stephanie Rose, Bo'ness, Scotland
In Progress

10.Dinosaur cross stitch landscapeStitcher: Nicola Dove, Barnsley, UK
In Progress

11.SharkStitcher: Lindsay Latham, Northwich, U.K.
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Jeanne, Pennsylvania, USA

Squares received

Cross stitch square for Eden B's quilt
Stitched by: Jeanne
Submitted: Jan 2021

Cross stitch square for Eden B's quilt
Stitched by: Elaine Dixon
Submitted: Oct 2020

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