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Previous quilts quilted by Seren

Quilts in progress:
Quilt for Harrison B (Theme: Yellow (Specific))
Quilt for Emergency Quilt: Hearts (Theme: Hearts (Emergency Quilt))

For Agnes P
(Theme: Stars/moon/planets/ rainbows/weather)
Delivered: Oct 2017

For Alexander W
(Theme: World Landmarks)
Delivered: Sep 2017

For Aaron A
(Theme: Disney characters)
Delivered: Sep 2017

For Kylan J
(Theme: Superheroes)
Delivered: Aug 2017

For Katy T
(Theme: Unicorns)
Delivered: Apr 2017

For Callum P
(Theme: Stars)
Delivered: Feb 2017

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This quilter is also a stitcher.
Seren's squares are here.

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