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LoveQuiltsUK - Isaac M's quilt

Isaac M's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Illness: Chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction (intestinal failure).

Theme: Male Disney Characters (older ones)

Date opened: 14th Aug 2021
Date closed: 17th Aug 2021
Deadline: 26th Dec 2021

Photo of Isaac M

Theme details

Male Disney Characters (older ones) - Older disney movies. He likes Aladdin, Beast (from Beauty and the Beast) and he's absolutely fascinated by the rose from Beauty and the Beast (he has one in his bedroom!) Peter Pan and Wendy and Captain Hook. He likes the talking furniture from Beauty and the Beast and also the Dalmations. He also quite likes the dog and pig from Black Cauldron as well as the genie from Aladdin. He loves the Jungle Book too.

Child Interests

Isaac doesn’t have any particular interests. His main pastime is spinning round in circles! His favourite book is Cat in the Hat and he likes the picture books from Dr Seuss. He also loves some of the Roald Dahl stories. He likes any colours but bright colours in particular. He doesn’t have a favourite colour.


Isaac was induced at 37 weeks due to small growth. He was born weighing 5lb 2oz and remained in hospital for a week needing help from a heat mat to keep warm. Within hours of birth Isaac began vomiting but he was able to keep down enough fluids and so we were just told to keep an eye on him.

Over the next few weeks Isaac’s vomiting got worse and worse and we were unable to lie him down or move him without causing him to be sick. Milk would come out of his nose when he was feeding and he began choking on his feed. At 3 weeks old he had a tube placed through his nose and into his stomach and we were told it was no longer safe to feed him by mouth. He was also put on medication to help with reflux.

The vomiting continued to get worse and within another week Isaac was vomiting blood that was later determined to be coming from his oesophagus. He was no longer allowed anything into his stomach and the tube was advanced directly into his bowel. Unfortunately Isaac still vomited almost constantly and tests showed that his oesophagus was unable to close at the bottom and he would require surgery to stop the vomiting. He had ulcers on his oesophagus and they would frequently bleed. He was also diagnosed with dysmotility of the bowel and placed on TPN (intravenous nutrition) as he was severely underweight and malnourished.

At the age of 18 months Isaac underwent the surgery to correct his oesophagus which was initially successful but unfortunately failed after 6 weeks. During the next few months Isaac seemed to do well and we began reducing his TPN and reintroduced tube and oral feeds. Isaac successfully managed to come off TPN but after just a few months he began vomiting uncontrollably and suffering with severe pain. He was sent to Great Ormond Street where he was diagnosed with chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction which is a condition that causes the digestive system to shut down as the nerves and muscles don’t move in the way they should. Isaac was placed back on TPN and has this via a tube directly into his blood stream for 16 hours a day. He also had a stoma formed to try and relieve some of the pressure on his bowel. Pseudo obstruction is a lifelong condition and while there are treatments that can help manage symptoms, currently there is no cure.

Isaac also suffers from learning disabilities and is unable to talk yet. His understanding is minimal and he struggles with new or unfamiliar situations. Despite all this he is a happy and cheeky little boy. He loves anything that spins and enjoys playing with his brothers.


1.Stitcher: Leanne Malcolmson, Romsey, UK

2.Designer Stitches Collection Peter Pan Peter Pan and the Darling family flying over London rooftopsStitcher: Heather, Littleborough, England
In Progress

3.Captain Hook f on LQUK filesStitcher: Alison, Ormskirk, UK
In Progress

4.LQ file Beauty and the beast roseStitcher: Carol West , Thetford, Norfolk, UK
In Progress

5.Lumiere Candlestickfrom Beauty and the Beast by Deborah Clarke from LQUK filesStitcher: Sylvia, Clacton, England

6.Abigail Short LQ pattern. Goofy headshot.Stitcher: Jenny Elkington, Boston, UK
In Progress

7.Cogsworth from beauty and beast own designStitcher: Jodie Balaam, Lawshall, England

8.Mrs Potts and Chip from Beaury and the Beast, from LQ files. Stitcher: Julie Robbins, Bromsgrove , UK
In Progress

9.Disney a Punto Croce Baby year 2017 Baloo from Jungle BookStitcher: Karen Hockin, Southampton, England
In Progress

10.Mickey Mouse and Pluto. From LQ filrsStitcher: Marilyn Foyle, Biggleswade, UK
In Progress

11.Dalmations pattern.Stitcher: Leanda Vickers, Oldham , England
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Seren Senior, Derby, UK
In Progress

Squares received

Cross stitch square for Isaac M's quilt
Stitched by: Leanne Malcolmson
Submitted: Apr 2021

Cross stitch square for Isaac M's quilt
Stitched by: Sylvia
Submitted: Sep 2021

Cross stitch square for Isaac M's quilt
Stitched by: Jodie Balaam
Submitted: Aug 2021


Card for Isaac M
Stitched by: Nicola Bailey

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