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LoveQuiltsUK - Anaya C's quilt

Anaya C's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Illness: Neurofibromas type 1, Noonan syndrome.

Theme: Unicorns

Date opened: 21st Jan 2023
Date closed: 23rd Jan 2023
Deadline: 26th May 2023

Photo of Anaya C

Child Interests

Anaya loves Barbies, unicorns, the colour pink, princesses and rainbows.


Anaya is 3 years old and currently undergoing chemotherapy for an optic nerve tumour. She has global development delay also and pulmonary stenosis due to her Noonan syndrome. She’s a happy little girl and everyone who meets her can’t help but fall in love with her.

The signs of her nf1 developed at 6 weeks old when cafe-au-lait spots appeared on her skin. This is the first indication of nf (neurofibromas). Genetic tests were done and months later Anaya was officially diagnosed with nf1. After further tests and due to her facial appearance she was also diagnosed with Noonan syndrome which is the cause of her pulmonary stenosis.

As nf1 causes tumours children have regular ophthalmology appointments to look out for optic nerve tumours. During her examination the doctor discovered that her optic nerve was not normal and she was referred for an MRI in November of 2021. Weeks after we were told that 2 tumours were found, the most concerning was the optic nerve tumour. Where it is situated on the optic nerve she would have gone completely blind in both eyes so it was strongly suggested to start her on chemotherapy. Anaya started in January 2022 and the treatment lasts 18 months.


1.Rainbow unicorn from LQUK files Stitcher: Alison, Ormskirk, UK
In Progress

2.Unicorn will change colours to pink bu stitchering co.Stitcher: Jodie Balaam, Lawshall, England
In Progress

3.Cute Unicorn by Durene Jones on EtsyStitcher: Sue, Cambridge, UK
In Progress

4.LQ files Pastel unicorn Stitcher: Rosemary Binnie, Macclesfield, UK
In Progress

5.By Merete Unicorn Meadows SALStitcher: Lorna Simpson, Southampton, UK
In Progress

6.World of Cross stitch Unicorn kiss - unicorn with little girlStitcher: Marie, Yeovil, UK
In Progress

7.Unicorn Heart by Climbing Goat design Stitcher: Val Gilbert, Coningsby , UK
In Progress

8.Https:// Free Unicorn pattern from DMC website! Stitcher: Claire Tobias, Staines Upon Thames, UK
In Progress

9.By Lesley Teare from spot sampler Unicorn Stitcher: Jan G, Hull, UK
In Progress

10.StitchingLand Unicorn head with flowersStitcher: Jeanne, Pennsylvania, USA
In Progress

11.From charity shop bundle Previously stitched for Macie Leigh, Sept 2018Stitcher: Seren Senior, Derby, UK
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Pat Brown, Warminster, England
In Progress

Squares received

None yet. (Quilt opened on 21st Jan 2023)

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