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Squares by Roisin, Amersham England

Squares in progress:

1. Durene Jones Woodland Animals. A rabbit, badger, owl and hedgehog in mini scenes. Will edit so they fit for Miley D (Deadline: 26 Nov 2021)
2. The Grizzly Bear from Endangered Younguns for Noah N (Deadline: 26 Nov 2021)
3. Mickey and Pluto from LQ files for Shey K (Deadline: 26 Dec 2021)
4. Sugar the horse from Whiskers an Friends Stoney creek collection Vol 32 for Jake B (Deadline: 29 Dec 2021)
5. Spring Bouquet by Margaret Sherry Cute cat holding flowers standing on a pot for Grace O (Deadline: 26 Jan 2022)

For Jake R
(Theme: Harry Potter)
Uploaded: 29th Jul 2021

For Lucy L
(Theme: Disney Princesses and Castles)
Uploaded: 29th Jul 2021

For Annabelle W
(Theme: Horses (realistic))
Uploaded: 29th Jul 2021

For Aimee N
(Theme: Puppies and Kittens)
Uploaded: 26th May 2021

For Amelie C
(Theme: Disney Villains)
Uploaded: 26th May 2021

For Olivia S
(Theme: Disney Princesses)
Uploaded: 26th May 2021

For Lilly G
(Theme: Disney characters)
Uploaded: 5th Apr 2021

For Phoebe A
(Theme: Balloons and Hearts (Red))
Uploaded: 5th Apr 2021

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Quilts featuring Roisin's squares

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