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LoveQuiltsUK - Tom M's quilt

Tom M's quilt   (Quilt Coming Soon)

Born:November 2012
Illness: Undiagnosed, complex medical issues including cardiac, respiratory, profound deafness, oxygen dependent, peg fed, mobility issues and immune problems

Theme: Superheroes

Quilt will open soon, keep checking back!
Photo of Tom M

Theme details

Superheroes - Especially Superman

Child Interests

Tom loves superheroes and is known as Super Tom around the Glasgow hospital he attends regularly as he has his own superhero cape he wears to surgery. He is a very busy boy who loves movement and going fast, and being out and about. He loves the garden, trees and plants and being outdoors exploring. He likes bright bold colours, sparkly things and exploring different textures. He loves fabric and will rub and explore tops and tshirts to feel the patterns and designs. He is really interested in touch and the feel of things, his lack of his hearing sense has really brought out his tactile awareness so he will rub and use his whole body to explore fabrics.


We had no ante natal diagnosis for Toms medical issues so it was a shock when he arrived by emergency section in November 2012. He has a range of complex medical issues including a severe cardiac defect with a piece of his heart missing, was born without an oesophagus so unable to swallow, profoundly deaf with no audio input at all, as well as other mobility and immune problems. We spent 11 of the first 14 months of Toms life in Glasgow Childrens hospital undergoing various complex and life saving surgeries. We were told many times Tom may not make it, he often baffled the doctors and specialists. But thankfully he was brave and determined and we got to take him home properly in January 2014.

Tom needs a high level of intensive medical care due to his tracheostomy (artificial airway), oxygen dependency, epilepsy, feeding, mobility and communication needs. But he has continued to baffle and surprise the doctors and even us with his progress and ability to pull through from his medical difficulties. He is such a joyous and content little boy, full of smiles and mischief. His bravery is an inspiration

Toms conditions continue to have a significant impact on his health and are life limiting. We are facing further major surgery over the summer which we hope may prolong our time with our precious boy. Our life is often chaotic and intense with all the care, appointments and medical challenges. But we find joy in Tom as he continues to come on, learning new things every day and showing us how amazing he is :)

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