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Squares by Gail, Lochgelly Scotland

Squares in progress:

1. Own design for Carmen S (Deadline: 26 Apr 2020)
2. Mini cooper by Gemma from files for Oscar H (Deadline: 26 Apr 2020)
3. Squirt from finding nemo love quilts files for Lydia G (Deadline: 26 Jun 2020)
4. Ducky and bunny from files for Betsie E (Deadline: 26 Jun 2020)
5. Yummy hunny designer stitches pattern pooh bear eating honey for Jessie G (Deadline: 26 Jun 2020)
6. Dory from finding nemo from files for Koda Q (Deadline: 26 Jul 2020)
7. R2D2 from files for Lenny H (Deadline: 26 Aug 2020)

For Massine K
(Theme: Trains)
Submitted: Feb 2020

For Tommy P
(Theme: Dinosaurs)
Submitted: Feb 2020

For Lewis S
(Theme: Star Wars and Space)
Submitted: Jan 2020

For Willow G
(Theme: Baby Dolls and Disney Princesses)
Submitted: Dec 2019

For Flo M
(Theme: Princesses)
Submitted: Dec 2019

For Liam S
(Theme: Specific male characters)
Submitted: Nov 2019

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Quilts featuring Gail's squares

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