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LoveQuiltsUK - Paris N's quilt

Paris N's quilt   (Quilt Coming Soon)

Born:December 2007
Illness: Quaraplegic cerebral palsy

Theme: Fairies and Roses

Quilt will open soon, keep checking back!
Photo of Paris N

Theme details

Fairies and Roses - Could we include a Tinkerbell please and maybe the Rose Fairy out of the Flower Fairies? :)

Child Interests

Paris's favourite colour is pink. She loves roses and fairies, stars and angel wings.

She loves velvet and rich textures.

Can I just take the time to say what a lovely organisation, to everyone who does this for children with hard wee lives.


Paris was still born with no vital signs they called time three times but kept trying. After 3 months intensive care she was discharged with a ng tube.

She was coughing up blood last Christmas and we spent it in high dependency. This Christmas she will be 11 and it’s been the best 11 years of my life.

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