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LoveQuiltsUK - Noah E's quilt

Noah E's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Born:March 2012
Illness: Severe asthma

Theme: Creative/art items

Date opened: 2nd Feb 2019
Date closed: 3rd Feb 2019
Deadline: 26th Jun 2019

Photo of Noah E

Theme details

Creative/art items - Such as: paint brushes and palette, with splashes of bright colours, artist easels, pens, crayons. He is mad on origami so origami items too eg traditional Japanese crane and so on.

Child Interests

Noah excels in creative activities. He is fantastic at drawing and adores paper craft such as origami. He enjoys reading and playing on his Nintendo Switch. He loves Pokémon. He likes green, blue and orange! He says it matches his ginger hair!


I had to be induced with Noah at 37 weeks as he had stopped growing. He was 6lb 3oz at birth, but this dropped to 5lb 10oz . He appeared to be a healthy little boy however, he was plagued with chest infections and, at the age of 2, the consultant told us he had severe asthma.
Noah continues to have severe asthma attacks that lead to 2 to 3 weeks in hospital every time because he fails to maintain his oxygen saturation. At his last admission it was noted that Noah had clubbed finger nails. This indicates that he has serious lung damage and may have pulmonary fibrosis, something that will be life long and potentially life limiting.
He has gone through so many stays in hospital and he can struggle to keep up with other children when they are running around but he always has a smile on his face.


1.Jo Verso book Art and drawing items, plus an artist at an easel Stitcher: Julie Edgcumbe, Haverhill, Suffolk, UK
In Progress

2.Climbing goat designs heart paintbrush Paint brush painting two heartsStitcher: Nicola, St Albans, UK
In Progress

3.Multi-coloured splash of paint (red, yellow, blue and orange)Stitcher: Emma Swift, Aberdeen, UK
In Progress

4.Dog painting different color paw prints on a wallStitcher: Michele, Derby, Connecticut , USA
In Progress

5.The Cross Stitch Elephant-Etsy Origami CraneStitcher: Sandra, Shefford, England

6.Origami boatStitcher: Karen Stephenson, Cambridgeshire, UK
In Progress

7.Cross Stitcher June 2016 Coloured pencilsStitcher: Clare Brunyee, Rotherham, S.Yorks, UK
In Progress

8.Watercolour paint splodge Stitcher: Jane Senior, Morecambe, UK
In Progress

9.Nerdy Little Stitcher on Etsy Three Large Crayons in different coloursStitcher: Julie, Anglesey, Wales
In Progress

10.Etsy pattern Roguestitchers Paint paletteStitcher: Ruth Horn, Co Durham, GB
In Progress

11.Origami Kangaroo (own design) Stitcher: Moira Anne Jeffcoat, Birmingham, England
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Katie, York, England
In Progress

Squares received

Cross stitch square for Noah E's quilt
Stitched by: Sandra
Submitted: Feb 2019

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