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LoveQuiltsUK - Keaton W's quilt

Keaton W's quilt   (Quilt Coming Soon)

Illness: Heart Murmur, Autism, ADHD, reflex Apnoea, suspected brain damage

Theme: Space

Quilt will open soon, keep checking back!
Photo of Keaton W

Theme details

Space - A parrot on the label if possible - preferably an African Grey

Child Interests

Keats LOVES anything sensory, he also loves games like connect 4. He is an inquisitive child who's favourite pastime is asking questions about anything and everything.


Keats,as he's known to friends and family, is the sweetest child you can come across. As a toddler, every emotion came out HUGELY, we noticed he would stare into space a lot when things were too much and was so accident prone it was untrue. Once we had been in hospital for the 4th time with a nasty bang to the head, this took us to seek help along with everything else we were noticing. He wears splints overnight to help his legs as they get pretty tight, and gets his shoes through podiatry, who knew the styles these days were so cool!! He's shortly off to a specialist unit Monday to Friday that can meet his needs better and give him the education he deserves. Hopefully this blanket will bring him some comfort whilst away from home 😊

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