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LoveQuiltsUK - Devon G's quilt

Devon G's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Illness: Learning difficulties

Theme: Sea life, mermaids and shells

Date opened: 15th Feb 2020
Date closed: 16th Feb 2020
Deadline: 26th Jun 2020

Photo of Devon G

Child Interests

Playing with her reborn doll
Horse riding

Purple and pink


From the age of 2 I knew something wasn't right with Devon and I took her to the doctors constantly. At the age of 5 Devon was referred to a specialist. She got one to one support in school. When she was coming to the end of junior school I was concerned she would never manage in a mainstream high school. I was told there would be support in place and plenty of help. There was nothing when she got there. Devon was bullied by other pupils. The head psychologist did a test on Devon and it came back that she was working at the level of a 6 year old even though she was 14. I was told it was harder to diagnose a girl and she had slipped through the net.

She is now in a special school and is loving being around children similar to herself. Her anxiety is getting a bit more under control now. Devon is the most loving and caring girl. xx


1.Awesome pattern studio 2020 calendar Mandala jellyfishStitcher: Jan , Lincs, UK
In Progress

2.Colour charts Inc Book 10253 Nautilus shell and palmettoStitcher: Ellie, Leicester, UK
In Progress

3.Pattern by Michaela Learner. Patchwork dolphin with a few splashes. Stitcher: Diana, Sussex, UK

4.Jacobean sea friends. Jellyfish Stitcher: Miss Debbie Elkington, Boston, Lincs, UK

5.Zindagi designs on Etsy Pink and blue shellStitcher: Julie, Anglesey, Wales
In Progress

6.Cross stitch crazy may 2019 issue 254 Ocean dreams, belle and boo mermaidsStitcher: Emma Robson, Doncaster, England
In Progress

7.Etsy OctopusStitcher: Angie, Belper, UK
In Progress

8.Mandala Dragonfish by Awesome Pattern StudioStitcher: Erica Turner, Penarth, Wales
In Progress

9.From seashore sampler - old WOXS free chart Various shells, starfish, crab etcStitcher: Ann, Billericay, UK
In Progress

10.Colourful whale by stitching land on EtsyStitcher: Ruth Horn, Co Durham, UK

11.Etsy pattern of sitting mermaid with pink hair Mermaid with pink hair Stitcher: Jo, Eastleigh, Hampshire , UK
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Jenny Elkington, Boston, UK
In Progress

Squares received

Cross stitch square for Devon G's quilt
Stitched by: Diana
Submitted: Mar 2020

Cross stitch square for Devon G's quilt
Stitched by: Miss Debbie Elkington
Submitted: Feb 2020

Cross stitch square for Devon G's quilt
Stitched by: Ruth Horn
Submitted: Mar 2020


Card for Devon G
Stitched by: Leanne Malcolmson

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